Three poems by Dean Mikael Brant


Passion's Night

Dancing to the music
of the on stage band,
holding your lover close,
you kiss his lips with a
tender touch.
You feel the whole room
some in fear,
some in hatred,
and some in anger....
But what does it matter
if he is the one you
What does it matter if
you are both men,
who cares?
They dance with their
lovers so why is it so
bad if you do the same?
You do not judge them
foe being different then
who cares?
When the dance is over
and the music stops
you walk through the crowd
of angry children, hearing
the words they shout and
scream only halfway.
Getting in the car an driving
away from the angry mob
that tries to attack you,
you hold you lovers hand,
you lean over and
kiss his cheek,
then you rest your
head on his shoulder
smelling his sweet
cologne and thinking
of your love for him.
You don't realize that you
fall asleep, but when you
wake you and your lover
are cuddled in the front seat.
When you ask why he says,
"I didn't want you to
get cold."
You reply, "how sweet."
Then you kiss his lips
as before.
He drives you home and
walks you to the door,
he gives you a soft and
passionate kiss goodnight.
You watch him get in
his car and drive away.
Then as you wake the
night in finally over.

Aaron Jason Watson

Lovers past, a
memory of time.
With broken heart
upon shattered
The impossibility of
returning my soul to
an unconscious desire
became all to possible
with the time I spent
in your awkward presence.
For every light turned to
darkness when the words
from your lips whispered your
monotonous rejection
for my miserable existence.
But for the day,
I wait eternally,
when all light of this world
will be forever shining on
my true love.
And if perhaps love I find not....
my life will be over.
Taken by the light of love it

Untitled Self

As I look for my love,
I seem to look in
all the wrong places.
I look for my love and
my soul, for they are both
lost to me.
I look in the wrong places
as they get farther and deeper
into the unknown.
I finally find them,
but when I do it is to late
for me to get them back.
To late for me because
I can't fix what was once
It has been years but
I didn't learn.
Why, I ask, Why?

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