Four Poems By Dave Postlethwiat


The Wait

I stand in darkness,
waiting for love.
Behind me, I hear a cough.
Quickly, I turn.
An old woman,
feeding the pigeons.
Later, laughter to my left.
A cute couple, holding hands.
Passing by, they smile.
Their happiness gives me chills.
A tap on my shoulder.
Finally, My heart leaps!
Only a kid, begging a smoke.
It begins to rain.
I pace in the down pour.
Is he out there?
Doesn't he know I am waiting?


I hand my lover a rose,
a sign of my affection.
He gently takes it,
slicing his finger
on an escaped thorn.
Blood oozes out,
bright red to match the petals.
I take his hand in mine,
bring his finger to my lips.
My lips part
as I taste it,
the hidden sweetness of his love.
His dark blood enters me,
the ultimate sacrifice.


Hidden from the world.
Locked behind the door.
Struggling from within
to be free,
to laugh,
to talk,
to play,
to love -
unafraid and Happy.
But the key to his closet door
is in the hands of judges -
judges not appointed,
judges afraid to set him free
for fear of seeing his sameness.

Closet Case

I sent you a black rose today
to signify our love.
The color is significant,
for it is how I view your heart.
You spend your days with your girlfriend,
yet you spend your nights with me.
You tell her that you love her,
silently making love to me.
The thorns were left on purpose
for they are how you make me feel.
Scratched and bleeding by you,
by your masquerade and your games.
Our life together is darkness,
but you live in the light.
Always moving from girl to girl,
still you come to me at night -
Sweating out your true lust,
screaming out your true love,
expelling your true soul into me.

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