"A Man of my Dreams"

By Shawn, soaringeagle8@hotmail.com

Hello my love, who ever you may be. I think of you, so manly and brave, who
would be on my side to protect each other till death. Whoever you are, I shall
think of you, till you appear from behind the oak tree. I'll be running,
running in slow motion, my hair blowing in the wind. In your muscular arms,
you squeeze me to your breast. I'll smell your sweet aroma of bodily sweat. As
we lay under the giant oak tree, we'll kiss the day light away. The stars
appear before our eyes. They sparkle like a man of my dreams.
And here's another
What else can I say, that I'm gay? Who cares who's gay, who's gonna pay? No
one's gonna pay because I'm the one with this pain. Opening closet can be a real
drag, it's just that I don't want to brag. Being a fag can be a nag. Everyone
can be crude but they cannot be rude. Tell me about it but don't be afraid to
tell about it!

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