"Significant Other"

Excerpt from the unfinished novel, Leaving September

By Sandra (Xanii@aol.com)

"I wouldn't have to be making these decisions if you were here Dora."

The silent grass ruffled around M'Taii as she sat by the marker in the cemetery. She turned and laid down beside it, placing her hands behind her head and crossing her feet at the ankles. Her trademark glasses covered her eyes.

"This is all so much at the same time. You weren't kidding when you said this company would be going places, were you?"

A lone bird answered in the background.

"God... how I miss you Dora." M'Taii closed her eyes and began to doze.

Purple water washed M'Taii ashore the yellow sands. A green sun hung low in the crimson sky.


She heard her name whispered as only Dora could sing it when she called. She turned to find out where she was. Finally, she would be with Dora one more time.

"M'Taii... over here..."

She turned her head and caught a glimpse of Dora's long gauzy white dress as it disappeared into a pink, thatched roof bungalow. M'Taii scrambled to her feet and ran toward the dwelling. A long slithery vine wrapped around her ankle and crawled to her knee and started pulling her away.

"NO!" She cursed at the wind which started blowing from nowhere and threatened to take her precisely there.


Reaching down, she began trying to break the vine. With no success she looked at the passing ground for a rock.

"Oh God, don't take her from me again! Dora!! NO!" She grabbed a hold of a stone which had a point to it and started cutting away at the vine. She closed her eyes, trying to summon a bit of strength, slowly the grasp loosened and was replaced by a sticky wetness.

Opening her eyes, she realized that she was rolled onto herself on a bed, favoring her right thigh. The room had changed to the space inside the bungalow she had tried to get to. Dora, where was Dora?

"Lean back..."


M'Taii caught sight of the shadow and recognized it was her lover's familiar form. She came into the invisible light source, ready to nurse M'Taii's leg. She reached over and caressed M'Taii's face.

"Hey BlueJay... How's it been?"

"Dora, I can't believe it! You're here..." Tears misted in M'Taii's eyes.

"Sure, where else would I be silly?" She laughed a silver belled laugh that resonated within the room.

"How I missed that laugh!"

She caressed M'Taii's shoulder.

"You act like you haven't seen me in years! I'm always with you ! Look at that, your leg is better already!"

M'Taii looked down and touched the spot where she thought she had gotten hurt.

"It's gone!"

"See there, you didn't even need me!"

"But I do... how I do..."

She leaned over and tasted Dora's slightly salty lips. She breathed out a barely audible,


Dora straddled M'Taii's legs and pushed her farther back into the headboard. She kneaded M'Taii's wanting lips with her own. M'Taii peeled down her barely there dress and soaked in her soft sight. She placed her nose between Dora's breasts and inhaled.

"How I've missed you..."

Dora pulled M'Taii's face toward her own, she looked deep into her eyes, then kissed her chin and made her way down to the collar of her shirt. When she reached, she unbuttoned it and ran her small hands on M'Taii's contours.

"Still with these sports bras." And she pulled the restricting clothing upwards, revealing M'Taii's rippled stomach and her firm, round breasts. She felt Dora's soft lips surround her and soon, nothing else mattered.


Screaming, she heard screaming. Loud shrieking screams. Dora disappeared into blackness and all M'Taii heard was her lasting words.

"I'm always with you...always."


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