August 1999

Last month, I talked about my friend James. I want to talk this month now about my brother Troy. Troy is 27 and the only one that knows I am gay. He is so great to me and I love him a lot. What saddens me is how he became my brother.

When Troy was 12, my dad became his legal guardian. Troy ran away from home a few times because he came from an abusive family. His Mom would let his brother beat him up and break his bones. His mom also would starve him. His grandmother would lock him in the closet when his mom and his brother and him would visit, so they can go out to dinner. When they get back they wouldn't let him out right away. His grandmother used to hit him and curse him and they day he was born.

The reason they hated Troy.......because he was born. Troy's grandmother hated his father and were hoping that his parents get a divorce. But because Troy was born they didn't. She convinced his mother that he was evil. He was the spawn of the devil. She also told Troy's brother that Troy should die because he ruined a perfectly good divorce.

I am so glad Troy ran away and became my brother. He is the best in the world. And he taught me a lot too. I want to share some of what he taught me.

He taught me how abuse can be dangerous. How it should be reported. That just because someone is family doesn't mean that they wont abuse you. I learned that child abuse isn't just having sex with a child or killing him. It is also little things. Like making the child wish he was dead, or telling him he should be dead. Telling him that he is the devil and should rot in hell.

What I cant understand is why people are mean like this. How can they hurt a child? What did the child do that was wrong?

Please if you can answer me, please do.

This is the reason I'm afraid to tell people I am gay. I am afraid I might get hurt.


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