August 1999

"Je T'aime."

As it is commonly polite to introduce yourself in the first article, I will proceed to do so. My name is Jesse. I'm male, sixteen, a Sagittarius (Dec. 19th), and openly Bisexual. I live in a piddly little hick town in New Jersey, and it's the pits. I basically live for the arts. I adore all forms of art...novels, poems, music, the theatre, dancing, and everything art. Kay-O? K. I adore RPGs, Ally McBeal, Piers Anthony's Novels, and a lot of other nonsense. My favorite musician is Bjork. I love Madonna, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Peter Gabriel, and basically everything. I'm all happy! And I love Anime, and...stuff. Now, on to the main area of this!

"The Matter of Fate ~Or~ Banana Ice Cream X2"

Ahh, the joys of writing about yourself. I could go on and on about how great I am. Just teasing! I live in a sheltered town. It's dreadfully close-minded, boring, and uneventful. And it's full of hicks! But, as any close minded place is, they're scared of new ideas. People hang confederate flags in their windows in the nasty areas of town, which makes absolutely no sense, since these people are inbred anyway, and weren't born in the south. "You lost the war. Get over it." Something I would LOVE to scream at them. Anyway, a year ago, I wrote an article in the school newspaper which turned a few heads there, as the teen/pre-hick kids weren't thrilled with it, as the Jocks, Preps, and etc all didn't quite understand it. It was called "The Change of Fate." It was basically about the belief things are supposed to happen with chosen paths. Things are supposed to happen, and they happen for a reason. People may not like it, and things that happen may be horrendous, but things happen for a reason. Sure, it's a very controversial thing to say, but it's a belief. It talked of also people are fated to one day "evolve to accept homosexuality, bisexuality and new ideas that really have been a silver lining on people's clouded mind, and have existed for ..well, forever." The town newspaper printed it, of course. (Fate at work), and I was thrilled to pieces. I went out and celebrated with a gallon of low sugar banana ice cream, and whipped cream, and a large blender.


So the grown town hicks weren't thrilled with it, as the Jock's, Prep's and etc's parents were all either outraged or confused. Then the calls began. The newspaper place was attacked with nasty responses, and they all wanted to know who the "Magi-Cleft,"(my pseudonym) was who printed this. After that, I changed my AOL screen name rather hastily. I wasn't about to get attacked online by some bigots. A few neighbors came over either to praise me, or one person came to throw eggs, but met my black Labrador head on, and changed his mind very quickly. At school, some kids had something to say to me, but as I was/am quite a petite little rebel, as I rebelliously wielded my black lunchbox with chicken and sailor moon stickers and yelled that Fate was my belief, right or not, I had an opinion. I wish I had my dog with me at school.

One afternoon, on a late Friday, I waited patiently outside the band door, waiting for my parents to come...a bunch of jocks took the liberty to come over and push me over, commenting on a "retarded article." Then they actually spit on me.

I have never been spit on. And I don't tolerate it.

I picked up a notebook and wrote in it what happened. The next day, I put the letter in the mailbox of the vice principle. The next day he asked me why I provoked them with the article, as it was not fit to be print, and he would monitor my printings in the paper. Angrily, I asked him why the kids weren't punished for what they did. He said they denied it, and were at football practice. I walked out on him, getting him into an uproar.

My parents were shocked when they finally did hear about the article, and weren't pleased with me, but I even went to the next school board meeting and read the article. The school board was slightly confused how to retaliate. I just left, and went home. My friends all called me, and told me they would be behind me a million percent. I told them I didn't think my arguing was going to help anything but create chaos. They were silent.

The next month. . . . . There was a pride parade in my town. The first one there. Ever. All because an article inspired them. My Article. And they said they would have another parade next year.

My article.


I felt like I won the lottery. I just was in a state of shock. I so couldn't believe it.

One stupid article.

I had never felt so cheery. I went bouncing off the walls, and bought another gallon of low sugar banana ice cream and stuff.


My friends and I painted the town, and the kids at school were very quiet. You know...maybe....Just maybe, this was supposed to happen.

Maybe...it was fate.

Love Always,


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