August 1999

My name is Jim and I am from the United States. I just thought that I would give a few people out there a little hope on the subject of coming out. First of all, Its not as scary as it seems. I thought i would die when i had to come out but i made it through it. I do recommend though that if you do decide to come out, you have a boy/girl friend there to talk to and support you.

Secondly i do not recommend telling your parents if you already know they are going to go off their rocker (i learned this the hard way). I have been kicked out of my house three times now and it's not fun at a shelter. When you do come out be prepared for a lot of feedback from those homophobic types. They will try to drag you through the mud every step of the way.

My man and I have been together now for a while and we were so "proud" of our relationship that we went to prom together(first time tried down here). Although it was one of the best nights of my life, Don't do it if you know it wont be somewhat accepted in your school. (we still got a few remarks but it was all ok. We left still in 1 piece)

I'm not saying that it will be really good or really bad when you do come out, all i'm saying is keep a positive attitude and don't rub it in anyone's face. If you do have a few people that are hard to deal with just ask this: "What is everyone's problem?!? It's just LOVE between two people.." E-mail me in response to this and tell me about your experience.


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