August 1999

Another list By Johnnie

1. People who go to my site and don't sign my guest book

2. Democracy: It doesn't work (Democracy, a government that is ruled by the people) Hmm, last time that I heard, that president guy made most of the decisions, "Do I want to live in a country ruled by a guy who can't even sleep around without getting caught?" NO, and when was the last time that me or any of my fellow teenagers got to put our votes in?

3. The fact that it is insanely hard to meet other gay people in your area because most of them are so damn afraid of being persecuted by our phucked up society to come out.

4. How all of these people want there to be prayer in school. Umm... let's see how many other religions are there besides Christianity, hmm , Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Shintoism, Confucianism and so on.. how many of them would want to have to listen to Christian prayer? If you're going to pray in school, good for you. Do it in private and don't force your beliefs on me.

5. White people who wear FUBU (DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS??)

6. Black people who wear Tommy (HEY GUESS WHAT, THE GUYS A FUKIN RACIST)

7. ALL of the pornography on the internet. I can't even go to a website without sum little window popping up and advertising some asshole's site that is full of naked women spreading there legs so far open that you could park a semi between them.

8. The fact that every gay guy I have ever met in my area was a slut and only wanted sex. Yeah, sex is good and all but I'm not gonna fuck you on the first day we meet.

9. Drug dealers. Jeez, lower your prices. You're too damned expensive.

10. All this hype about banning drugs. Have you ever noticed that the more they ban it, the more that people use it? You know what? I bet that if they legalized pot the number of people using it would drop because a lot of people only do it because there not supposed to.

11. Fascists and oppressors. BURN IN HELL THE WHOLE LOT OF YA, don't they have anything better to do than harass people who are obviously better than they are?

Well I guess that's it for this month, I've blown of my steam for an hour or two send me ideas and flames(I want to test my new mass e-mail program) u know the address ukgrid@hotmail.com oh yeah before I forget ANARCHY EVERYWHERE www.angelfire.com/ns/crazygringo

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