August 1999

Anyone Have A Wet Noodle?

I know it. I deserve to be reprimanded. I goofed. I was lazy. I didn't write last month's column like I was supposed to. Maybe I was subconsciously following my own words; don't bother doing anything if you're going to do it half-assed. Or maybe it just slipped my mind. You be the judge.

How Hangs It?

It's hangin' pretty good. Lonely, but pretty good. While I was off on my excursion I observed how people react to each other in confined spaces once again. It was honestly like a living Road Rules, minus the wheels. Had I stayed another month there probably would have been some intimate moments in the group, but after regaining my common sense I left at home it would have been a BIG mistake.

I finally got my apartment at school all squared away. It's gonna be sweet. I even have my own room! It's right on a main street in Chucktown and real close to campus. I'm lovin' it already.

Mike's Words of Advice

1. Make sure you really identify your baggage at the airport as your own. If not, the airline employees will have a blast breaking open your bag, still at the airport and crying because it's lost, and rifling through your stuff.

2. When arguing about getting a couple bucks back from a lame disco's bouncer, you know it's time to leave when he pulls out his revolver.

Question of the Month

Thanks, everyone, for responding to last month's question. From my tally sheet, I've got most in favor of living on the resort island. I wish I could use my informal survey to shut all the boys from up north at school up. Of course, there were some good points:

The resort, without any thing but the normal stuff, would be good for a while until you had "tried it all". Then it would be dull. (Great for a vacation, wouldn't wanna live there.)

Sand, water, and hot weather are always better than concrete, odd-smells, and rude people.

So there you have it. This month's question... hmm. Alright, how about:

Would you rather spend all of your summer at home with a job and your friends, or, would you rather spend most of it traveling for long periods of time?

This one strikes real close to home for me folks. Let me know at the address below.

So I'm leaving... on a Jet Plane

That's right. Gone again. But I'll be back before this column gets published, so why do I bother with this pointless ramble. Oh yes, that's right, I needed a way to write out of this column. There. Did it.


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