Miguel Solana

August 1999

So I'm back to Mexico from a wonderful trip to California, where I grew, learned a lot, lived amazing adventures, understood many things, and left something of myself as I feel now that I'm home.

So during this past month, I lived out one of the most important things in my life. And it's also about something that I was looking for since the moment I had my fingers clicking the buttons of the mouse some years ago. When I was trying to find people like me, people with the same interests, with the same feelings, about love, about caring for the man you're in love with, about trusting that person, about sharing experiences, about faith, all those things I once dreamt about and that the net gave me the chance to know, to go deeper, and at some point even to live them myself, with Jeremy.

This trip was about bringing to life all those concepts I once only had in my mind, that seemed idealistic until the reality of a relationship came to my life. And I feel really blessed about having the opportunity to live out these concepts, and being aware that they are happening, and that in great part they are shaping my present and future life. I always considered that most of the gay world in a way was like a one night stand, or unstable relationships; but living something like this has really shown me that this world has space for everybody and every kind of lifestyle.

So this vacation in the US has given me tons of new things, simply by the fact of visiting new places, getting deeper into a culture, trying to understand the shocks along the way, growing by building new things, and of course meeting new people, all kinds of new people. I can now say I met the man himself, the editor in chief of Oasis, and I simply can say he's one of the most wonderful people I have ever met, and I'm not making this up. Getting to be in San Francisco with so many wonderful people was such an incredible experience, with many new things and ideas going on in my head.

So in very few words this has been the world going around my head, of course there are many many things, both new and old going on there, and now that will go along with all the changes my life is taking this next week. I'm moving to Mexico city, starting college, doing new things, and meeting new people, so a new world apart from the one that has already been open is coming to me.


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