Letter from the Editor -- August 1999

Been a busy month. I started a new job, took a spontaneous trip to Hawaii for a week, and somehow tried to find the time to put Oasis together.

The profile is still the same, but otherwise it's a new issue. I'm really appealing to people to volunteer to write profiles of people they feel are worthy. My available time is diminishing more and more.

This is especially true due to my new job. Don't get me wrong, I love the new job and wouldn't have taken it otherwise. But, previously, I worked from home, so it made a lot of things (such as doing interviews at any hour during the day) much easier. So, in the short term, it could mean a reppeated profile or cover story here or there, although I hope not.

The company I'm working for now creates some of the best Web software in the market, so I expect some of the training I've been getting and new techniques may find their way into Oasis.

I also got to meet Miguel Solana this month, who has written for Oasis for quite a while. He and my friend Jeremy are in love, so they spent part of their vacation together up in northern California, so it was cool to meet him and to see Jeremy totally in love.

What else, og the www.oasisyouth.org domain is up for renewal, and I think I'm letting it go. It was supposed to be a "staff" area for Oasis, but I think any areas built for staff and brainstorming would be best included as part of the main oasismag.com domain.

That's about it for this month.





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