The 4th Annual Writers' Corner Contest for Youth 14-24

CONTEST RULES: YPP, a national news service for youth, invites young writers to submit original articles of 500-800 words on a variety of topics (listed below). A panel of judges made up of professional writers/journalists will pick the winning submissions from each category.

Check out the "write for us" section for writing tips.


YOUNG PEOPLE'S PRESS is a non-profit project dedicated to enabling young people to have a voice in the Canadian press. YPP writers have been published in over two hundred and twenty newspapers in all regions of Canada (including weekly sections or columns in The Toronto Star, The Halifax Chronicle-Herald, The Kitchener-Waterloo Record and The Prince Albert Daily Herald). YPP reserves the right to submit all contest entries to various publications. (Many are published in major Canadian newspapers each year).

DEADLINE: Sept. 8, 1999. Send submissions to YPP: e-mail: (yppto@planeteer.com), FAX: (416) 484-8173, Mail: 110 Eglinton Ave., W. Suite 200, Toronto ON M4R 1A3. Include your name, age, address, phone number and category title. Only entries with stamped, self-addressed envelopes will be returned. Multiple entries are allowed.


1. ANTI/RACISM: Stories and opinions about race, racism and anti-racist projects. What is your experience as someone who has observed subtle racism or an overtly racist act? What sort of anti-racist projects are you involved in? How are you making a difference? Profile an organization or initiative that is making a difference.

2. POP CULTURE: Stories and opinions about the media, music, fashion, youth subcultures or just "hanging out." What's hype? What's not?

3. PROFILES OF YOUTH: Tell us about a youth in your community. What makes her tick? What are his challenges and passions? This could be a story about a musician, a truck driver, a volunteer at a daycare, a math whiz, a convenience clerk, or you name it.

4. DIS/ABILITY: Stories and opinions about living with disabilities. Do you have a disability? Are you involved with people with disabilities - as a volunteer, a friend, a sibling, etc.? Share your views and experiences.

5. SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS: Stories and opinions about violence. Have you witnessed violence in your family, your peer group or your community? How does it make you feel? What can be done to eliminate violence?

6. BOOZE: Stories and opinions about alcohol and the things that happen "under the influence." Realistic appraisals of the role of alcohol in the lives of youth.

7. CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: Stories and opinions about crime and punishment. How can we prevent youth crimes in our communities? Write a profile of a program or initiative to deter or correct criminal behaviour in your community.

8. LIFE LINE: Tell us how you and/or your family and friends have been affected by cancer, AIDS and other life threatening illnesses.

9. RANT: Have you got a beef? What is your biggest concern? What ticks you off? This is your soapbox. Sound off!

10. OFF THE WALL: Stories and opinions with a touch of humour, sarcasm, irony or out-and-out zaniness! This is an open category. The sky's the limit!

11. BUTTHEADS: Find a partner and write two opposing views on the subject of your choice. (Category winners will receive $100 each; runner ups will receive $50 each).

12. WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND? Your stories and opinions about ANYTHING! This is an open category. Write on!

13. ARTWORK: Submit your original images, cartoons, graphic designs, free hand sketches or what have you for any of the above categories. Maximum size: 8.5" x 11".

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