Hello Readers

Well this month I thought of writing about sex. I know some of you are probably saying 'oh no, another article about sex.' Well, hold on here for a minute. The thing I wanted to talk about was why some of us have the need to find someone to have sex with and I mean the sole purpose is to get laid.

I have to admit I had those same feelings. I wanted to find an escort service so I could get some action. Someone did point out that was not a good idea to pay someone to have sex with you. I also read in another column about a guy he had sex with someone then later on regretted it after it was all done. I also told someone else in the heat of passion we do dumb things and well I was about to do a dumb thing.

Well we are all human and, fortunately, nothing happened, but it would be nice to find that special someone to have sex with. I guess the message here is in the last part of that sentence find the special someone to have sex with, it means so much more if you wait and do it with someone that will return the love to you.

Another thing is, take your time in finding that special someone as something else can catch up with you. Along with AIDS, there are all the other things too. All of them are not pleasant. I did have, and I don't think it was from being with someone, but I had crabs and it was not nice it left me feeling degraded and such.

I thank God for the Doctors for being so non-judgmental in the whole thing. I think a lot of guys think it is important to have sex before a certain age and that is not a good thing. I was once in a relationship and I will admit in the heat of passion I did some things I probably should not have done.

Nothing that was serious but it could have been though. So my point is we do dumb things in the heat of passion just be careful out there, ok?, and play safe and think before you do anything, ok guys? I want you all here for a while.

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