Three Poems by Dean Mikael Brant

Forever Friends


What will i become
if i lose your friendship.
I will lose hope for
everything hopeful.
If I lose your friendship
I lose a friend.
Please don't go away
for you are the only
one who knows me.
You are the only one
who understands me.
You understand because
you have been there.
If I lose your friendship
I shall also lose you.
You are the one I can
look to for help when
I am helpless.
If I lose your friendship
then I will become lost.
Lost because I will have
no one to help me,
understand me,
like me.
Oh please don't go.

This was written for my best friend and my "mother" D Lovie. Whom i love with all my heart and would die for.




As i walk along
the dark street
I stop on the
bank of an aluminesant
The waves a
brilliant turquoise.
As i looked closer
each was a
delicately carved hand.
They were so special
in their placement
I could almost read
their message which
seemed to fill
my mind.
The rest of the Earth
was ebony in conflict.
i could see the stars
shine in the waves,
it was almost as
though the stars
were tears from a
crying river.
I looked down and saw
it flowed into
the open sky.

I wrote this after a dream I had. In my dream the world was perfect, there was no filth and no hate.


Eternal Love


As I sit here
in the darkness,
I wonder what
my future holds.
Am i to sit here
in constant darkness.
Or will i find what
it is I seek.
Or could it be that
what I seek is
too much.
But if that is true
one has to ask;
how can love and
happiness be too much
to ask?
Why must we live
on asking so many
questions and getting
no answers in return?

I wrote this when i told the one man I ever truly loved that i loved him. I said it wouldn't work and then left. I was miserable and this is my turmoil.

Dean Mikael Brant can be reached at lifelove_truth@yahoo.com or at tanis_arizona@hotmail.com

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