Two Poems by Chris


I can't do it
As much as I want you to know
And want to free this burden
From my soul
I just can't

Apprehension runs through my veins
Am I flooded with possible outcomes
What if you hate me
What if you want to hurt me
What if you are the same

I weigh the consequences
And decide to wait once more
But I know deep inside that
Inevitably you will find out

And the fear comes surging back



You laugh at their intolerance and hatred
Giggle at their homophobic jokes
You deride the gay kid at school
And all to save face

Hidden under your faux exterior
You desperately try to keep your secret
For fear that that may see who you
Really are
What if they found out

Sure you can laugh now
But are you prepared to handle
The scorn
The violence
The hatred
The ignorance
Which you are so quick to shed on others


Chris is a high school junior in West Central Florida. He can be reached at hola883@hotmail.com.

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