Soap Review: Another World

By Sean, sleeve@frontiernet.net

I haven't done a review for public reading so you may want to give me a little slack on this. I am not a professional....just keep that in mind.

Another world, the 35 year old soap is off the air, and has joined other defunct soaps such as Search for Tomorrow, Loving, and Generations. It has been known for quite a while that AW (Another World) was in danger of getting ax, but when it was finally axed it was still a shock. You never expect a show that has been on so long to end so suddenly.

The final episode centered on the wedding of Cass Winthrope and Lila Roberts. I have loved the character of Cass since the emotional scene in which he had to explain to his daughter Charlie that her mother, Frankie, wasn't coming home ever again. It was a very emotional scene. I also have loved Lila since her character entered the fictional town of Bay City.

The episode was somewhat comical at first when Cass was kidnapped by a gorilla who had loved him for a long time, an 80's plot...I am not sure if I would have enjoyed it or not, and the guests had to sing to the gorilla to get her to put Cass down. That was funny.

The greatest moments were when Paulina and Cindy made up after Cindy apologized for hurting her and her family. The videotaped messages for Cass and Lila were very tear jerking because it was really to the viewers and not to the newlyweds. The best part though was the end. Rachel walked through the living room of the mansion looking at the pictures of every character who has made AW a part of television history, ending with her first love, Mac Cory.

I am still confused why there has not been a mention that when Carl disappeared so did the Cory Family fortune. Wouldn't you think that now that Carl is back....the Cory family would want some answers? Amanda did say that she wouldn't mention it as long as her mother was happy. I would question him.

The mystery who killed villain Grant Harrison was finally solved. I have waited for this man to be punished for his crimes and I thought that justice was finally achieved when he died (I am not saying in the real world that killing is the answer), but when Cindy and David were planning to leave for an island called Tanquir, Cindy remarked how Grant told her about that island but he never made it there. In the next scene Grant was seen sitting in a paradise, in Tanquir, sipping a mai tai and smiling. Now is that justice? NO!!! The only justice to viewer, to those who wanted to see him die, would not be for someone who hated him kill him, have someone who loved him kill him....maybe his son?

Could AW have been saved? First put aside the fact that NBC owns all the others soaps it puts on the air (including the new one entitled "Passions"), and it did not own AW (Proctor and & Gamble did and NBC had the rights to show it). The only major problem the show had was writing. I don't think I am a genius in writing but I do know what good writing is and the storylines lately have been mediocre at best. The one storyline I had a big problem with was the Jordan Stark/Amanda Cory storyline. Could anyone please explain to me what the hell happened? It was obscure, and tedious all at the same time.

AW had superb actors such as Tom Eplin (Jake) and Jensen Buchanan (Vicky), who are hard not to love. Consistently, great actors that have been on for years, have been let go to make way for a new generation of people. That was a big mistake because they lost loyal fans that way. It was a big mistake when they let go of cast members such as Kale Brown (Michael), and Anna Holbrook (Sharlene).

So could have been saved......yes it could have. With new writers, and the return of old cast members...I think that AW would have been on the air still.

All in all I think that AW was a great example of a Soap Opera and I will miss it. For those who are really bothered by the cancellation of AW, take solace that some characters will pop up in Oakdale (on As The World Turns).

So I thank Another World for taking me to another world when I sat down everyday at 2:00PM for the five years I have watched you.

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