Leaving September: Part 4 - Party!!

Excerpt from the unfinished novel, Leaving September, by Sandra

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"I thought you said you had a date last night?"

Sam walked in bright and early to finish off the room. Today she was moving in the new furniture.

"I do... " She looked quizzically. "...every night."

"Then how come your date lets you leave so early to come and annoy me?"

"Did someone not get lucky last night?"

M'Taii stood at the front door in a one piece jumper and barred Sam from entering.

"I have a job to do and I'm here to do it. Besides, my daughter is a very understanding date when she is watching her cartoons."


Sam pushed M'Taii out of the way once she saw she had her stunned.

"That's right. Her name is Ashley and she's five."

"I hope her temperament is better than her mother's."

"For people like you? Never."

"Well, look, since you've done such a great job, how 'bout you and Ashley join me and the boys in a little celebration this afternoon."

"Celebration of what?"

"Celebrating the fact that you'll be done annoying me so early in the morning."

M'Taii gave a bright smile as she put a glass of orange juice to her lips.

"Ha Ha. So Funny M'Taii, so funny."

M'Taii sauntered past Sam and climbed up the stairs slowly.

"See you there or be square."

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