October 1999

Farewell to a friend: Alex Grant......

I think a question many of us close to Alex have asked ourselves for a few weeks now is.... Why did he have to die? There are two certain things in life, we will be born and we will die. This was just Alex's time to pass on. I can't tell you why he had to go.... all I can say is that God must have had a plan for him.....and that now was the time to call him home. Alex can work more of his magic as an angel of God.....and every boy, girl, or victim of abuse will have his love on their side.

Alex was an inspiration to all of us who were victims of child abuse in some form. He showed that abuse doesn't have to be a crutch but can be used, as a tool to motivate one's self to be a better person. He exemplified all that is good about humanity. His love and guidance helped hundreds come to grips with their inner most demons and allowed them to reclaim their lives.

Alex was one of the nicest people I have ever met.....in real life or on the web. He had a genuine passion to help others in need...even at times when he needed love and attention himself. Alex reached out to all walks of life. He didn't differentiate between others when it came to whether or not he would help.

His heart led him to register #TheFort on IRC. The Fort was a safe haven where people of all ages could get together and share their problems or just have fun. The channel was a very special place. Hopefully someday another channel will open on IRC that will be as helpful as The Fort has been.

According to Random House Dictionary, a friend is defined as person who gives assistance or support. For me, Alex was a life jacket. At times I felt like I was going to drown but Alex was always there to pull me to shore. There were many nights where he just sat and listened to my problems and gave me advice. I will always treasure those moments to my dying day.

Alex will be missed dearly by many. He was a bright light in an otherwise dark world. May his light forever shine and help other lost souls find their way home.

Now you're in Heaven Alex....and I am sure God has a plan for you. You were an angel in my life and so many others....now sweet Alex you will be an angel of God.

I love you, Alex.....may your soul forever rest in peace.

If anybody has any comments or suggestions I can be reached at boyblue99@hotmail.com . Please send me a line or two because it is the only reason I write here anyway. I want to know what you the readers feel. Later

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