October 1999

I'm not sure how to start this article... I guess that's not entirely unusual, but its dis-concerting that my mind is completely without a theme or topic. I just finished running my first official Q+A meeting as the president. It was interesting.

Happy anniversary...

I've been writing for Oasis for over 2 years...I don't even remember noticing my anniversary. I guess I'm used to getting messaged by Jeff reminding me my deadline is due, and I'd better get to writing. <sigh>


My life is going fine. School's perfectly wonderful...a ton of work (I'm going to be averaging a book every 2 days during the quarter), but wonderful to do. PIM and I are on the rocks...well I'm on the rocks about PIM. We'll see how that turns out. Been six really great months though. I'm busy enough to where its not bothering me nearly as much as it should...well with the frequent momentary lapses.


Q+A is doing well. We've got a great start to the year, and I'm really excited about heading it up this year...that said, I'm starting to hate some of the people I'm dealing with. I have got to say, queer politicians are the most prissy people I've ever talked to in my entire life...and that's saying something. They seem to be even prissier than mainstream queer people! Anyway, that is neither here nor there. That doesn't even mention some of the people I have to deal with in the organization itself. Negativity rules sometimes, and that negativity is entirely unfounded since we've JUST started the year!

Vertical Horizons

I know I did an anti-BMG plug last month. But this month YOU PEOPLE HAVE TO CHECK OUT THIS BAND! They are a really great, easy to listen to, easy to get into, good old fashioned rock band. Their newest CD, Everything You Want, is a really great album (and when I get the money, I'm going to look into getting their others). I'd talk about the lyrics, but I'm sure it'd be violating some copyright. I mean all in all, they are a great, straightforward band. Their lyrics are very similar, very meaningfully straightforward. I don't normally get into a band to the point where I'd actually write a plug for them in here...but <shrug> they are worth checking out.


I know this is a really short article. I mean its in huge type, and its not even filling up a whole page. Unfortunately, I'm just really tired and I haven't really got much to say. And had if I pared this down to its necessary parts, I'd be left with less than a paragraph or two. Anyway, as always e-mail me at soulseer@cyberdude.com or im at uchcgo19. Have a great month <and happy Halloween!>.

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