October 1999

"Je Suis Enchante"

"Sugar, Sugar, do do do do.."

Hellow. *Meow* How are we all today? I'm rather well....I get to keep my sugar glider!

::listens to the dead silence of people in the audience.::


The sugar glider was this....let's say marsupial. It's this little chipmunk like thing from Australia that my science teacher had in a pretty big cage that he wanted me to take care of over the sumer. Well, I said yes..and I was fascinated by it. It's pretty much a FLYING SQUIRREL. Not that they really fly, so to speak...more like...glide. It's a little fast, and he smells...well, not very good, but he doesn't smell hideous. It's just an odor you have to get used to, which I don't really like in my squeaky clean house. Anyway, I gave him back to the school after summer, and then the science teacher found out he had NO room for it, and that since he never really got to spend time with it, and since it just hid in it's cage from students, (it's nocternal), it wasn't doing well. And, not to mention that if they aren't played with a lot, their life span decreases. When I found this out, I was horrified. I told him, and he told me he would give it to me. Thrilled to pieces, I took it home all happy, and fluff.

"You've got mail...a lot...of mail."

Well, thank you all for your mail. If you wrote to me, I'm sorry, I've been SO busy with marching band, dancing lessons, singing lessons, work, and school. So insane. And then I get to college and it gets worse?! Please, kill me now, Pikachu, and get it over with.... Meow.

"People say the Universe is a Star Ocean."

I'm addicted to a new game....Star Ocean 2 for Playstation. It's not that bad...it's very well done. I know a few of you out there have it, well HA! Not only do I have that, but I have the original for Super Famicom, IMPORTED! Yes, the Anime freak I am...Power to Anime Freaks! (P.S. If you drop a sheet over his head, he'll think it's night and go to sleep. Try it.)

"Raspberry Swirl"

I saw Tori Amos! AHHH! She was performing around here, and my friends and I went up and saw her. We had pretty good seats...and I was so excited....and it was so great....I don't know how to describe it...it's the same feeling when I saw Sarah Brightman perform when she hit a high high F.....when Tori threw her head back and started banging away at the piano in "Precious Things" I had a mental orgasm...I sat there, totally mesmerized by it...it's just an incredible feeling to feel this warm feeling all over...and you want to feel it over and over and over and over....

"One...Singular Sensation"

I saw "A Chorus Line" last night. What a great play. It wasn't on Broadway, it was on VHS. From what I've heard, it doesn't do the musical justice, but all the same, I LOVED it. I highly recommend it. "Tits and Ass...got myself a fancy pair..." Well, go see the movie! It's hysterical!


This article is short. I know, this isn't like me. The next one will be better, I promise. Sorry I'm not up to my usual snuff today. Just so SO tired. "Je suis tres fatigue."

To Sean. (I KNOW it's mushy, but...::Shrugs::)


I'm seeing blue...there you go
The world is a placid myriad of deep colors...for me
Purple tears, Blue fears, Green Autumn
Nothing is yellow, red, or orange...
When you look through your eyes, do you see
Yellow, Red, or Orange?
Or Red Orange, Yellow?
You nod with silent lips.
Maybe when I kiss you, the world will be perfect...
With Our constrasts, the Ying Yang will be perfect
Deep Blues and Bright Hues
A Stunning pallet of Color contained
in our kiss.
Let's find out.



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