October 1999

Since this is my first time writing an article for Oasis, I thought I would share with you yet another coming out story, but I'll spare you the details of one night of love and acceptance from all. That about sums up my entire coming out story. Okay, well I'll share it with you if you insist. It was just a night like any other at my house, it was my mother and I having dinner because everyone else was too busy to sit down and eat for five minutes, but I had made a point of being there. I sat across from my mother with a perplexed look on my face for at least 30 minutes, until she looked at me and then I just blurted it out to her, which she responded with an "I know."

Much to my surprise I simply sat there stunned and then we smiled at each other and went on eating our dinner. We later talked about it and stuff. I went out for a bit that night and by the time I came home my mother had alerted the entire family of my newfound gayness. I had to go through the ranks of my family and take their words of wisdom. My father said he loved me and he just wanted me to be happy. My sister was just like cool, now will you stop being such a bitch to me. (Now she comes to me for fashion advice) Apparently being gay gives you special powers. The reaction that shocked me the most was my older brother, he said to me that he knows people don't like gay people and that if anyone every laid a hand on me he would be right there to kick their ass. It was a very supportive straight thing to say and coming from my brother who is as straight as they come it was a great reaction.

I really didn't write this article to bore you with another coming out story, but I wrote it rather to let others know that life isn't as bad as they sometimes think it is. My best friend and I always come up with hypothetical worst case scenarios for every situation and it's a really bad thing to do. Sometimes when you think the world is going to explode all it does is let out a little smoke. (I know that was a dumb metaphor.) I've had friends whose parents freaked out, I have friends whose mothers cried for two days and wore sunglasses for another three days. I also have a best friend who's father cut out an article from the paper about being gay and gave it to him. My point is, well I guess what I am saying is that not every situation is going to explode out of control. There will probably be some smoke, but that clears out pretty quick. Given the chance people will surprise you in a good way most of the time.

I hope some of this insightfulness hasn't been too boring and gone unnoticed. I promise, my next article will be about something fun like how to drive you ex boyfriend completely over the edge. Until next time, have fun.


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