Paul Sepuya

October 1999

Hello again, Oasis readers! By now, the school year's well on it's way, and I'm enjoying my senior year- the way it should be.

And I decided to do something interesting. This gay boy is now a Varsity football manager! Throw out all your fantasies of sexy football players right now, because on the inside it ain't no party. There's nothing really so great about it. Except for a couple, football players aren't even sexy. But as Andy Warhol said: "Everyone has a fantasy."

Yeah, for the fan, you get to all the games free, take stats, and get into the locker rooms and on the sidelines. Some of my friends are on the team, and another is a co-manager with me, so it's a lot of fun.

Maybe it's strange, but the whole gay thing is not even an issue. People ask how my boyfriend is, etc. But there's none of the typical rowdy heterosexual "let's kill the faggots" attitude that haunts so many of our dreams. They're nice guys.

But see, people can be cool with a gay person they know, and still be homophobic to the average homo walking down the street. Once you know someone, it's hard to hate them for something so silly. So I don't know what goes on when I'm not around. I really don't need to know. At least they respect me, and hopefully that's why I've never heard a team member call someone a "faggot". That wouldn't be nice at all.

And speaking of faggots, for the first time in my life, I was called one to my face. I was probably in need of a reality check, that those sort of people exist, but I was surprised. In 3 years of being out (oh that's such a short time), it never happened until September. I was walking down the street one night with my friend, and some yells out "faggot", and starts laughing. he looked a bit drunk, and I was like "what the fuck?". So I gave him a dirty look, smiled, and we went on our way. Then, about an hour later, there he was again, yelling again. But his time, there was a group of three lesbians standing right by- and oh where they pissed- and my friend too. Too bad I hate fighting- though I've never lost. :)

only when I have to, you know, prove I have the balls. And have the balls for it, I do.

OK now. Remember last month, when I was like "I know there have to be some good ol' gay boys and girls who don't go screwing their brains out and sit home some nights bored", and stuff like that? Something for all of us who don't have soap opera lives... Well, I thank everyone who sent their own ideas and comments like "I too think...". I hope I got back to everyone.

To meander onward on the topic of decadence, how many of you love Undressed on MTV? I love that show, but I miss about half the episodes. At least it's easy to catch up on. The only decent soap opera on the air, and it had to come from MTV! And what about the gay brothers and their boyfriends. That was something!

Hmmmm... is there anything I could have possibly missed? If there is, I'll cover it next month.

Until then, have a nice day!

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