October 1999

Hey everyone. Tommy here. I've decided that instead of talking about myself and self-analysis and having you think I'm just totally involved with myself, I'd talk about another of my favorite subjects-music.

While I listen to mainly the alternative and heavy metal bands, I really listen to all sorts of music. Bare with me, I'm attempting to stop talking about me. The point is, it's really the lyrics that matter. Sure the style of singing comes into play, but the lyrics are what comfort you. HMMM, maybe that's why I don't like techno music. Anyway, that's also why alternative and metal are my prime picks. Nirvana, Silverchair, Hole, Garbage, Metallica, etc. all have extremely good lyrics. Now, by good I don't mean happy, happy; I mean lyrics that teach you a lesson, tells you someone's view on anything which you might agree with, anything.

Music is personal and that's why I like it. This all goes back to my opinion that people should be unique and not blend in. Which is also why I like Marilyn Manson. He does what he wants and could honestly care less about what others think. He encourages people to act different and then he gets punished for it. Manson is one of the musicians, I think, that will go down with history, like Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, and Trent Reznor.

I personally despise boy bands, pop, etc. not because of the singers, but because their music has no meaning to me. But I'm not going to get into the conversation of why I hate shallow kids either so... that about finishes my praise of music, but I just want to mention that I also feel that music doesn't influence people to do wrong things, for me and most others I've found, music is a release of angst and works even better if you're writing or singing it. So, turn up your radio when you feel like slamming your fist through a wall.

Will You Remember Me?

I act insane in school and say everything I think should be said. If I don't agree with someone (usually a teacher) they will know it as soon as the sentence leaves their mouth. So while most things are done because I want to be heard, it's also because I want to be remembered by everyone. That's why I always want to be in movies and be a singer etc. I want to have an impact on as many people as I can touch. And that's generally what I look for in a person, something that can make an influence on me. I cherish memories of teachers that have told me something that can change my point of view. I never knew that words could be so positively influential. So, now I try and make the same influence on other people, which is also why I started this column one year ago. Keep that mind.

Not for any particular reason, but it comforts me to know you're thinking about it.

I'm all out of words now everyone.



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