October 1999

Well, its been a month now since my first article, and not much has changed. I am still here in South Florida, dodging hurricanes and looking for love. I got a lot of good responses from my first article, and I would like to thank all the people who wrote to me. I hope I was able to help those of you who ask for help, and even those who did not ask or write. Being able to help at least one person is enough for me. Let me not forget to thank Oasis for actually publishing my article.

I saw it on 'Larry King Live'

I was flipping through the channels the other night and came across Larry King Live. The topic was gays. He had one guest who was a State Representative (can't remember the state), and he was also a military reservist. He happened to be some sort of commanding officer, and was called to active duty, and was also gay. He also had this lady on who was gay. Then he had some military guy who was against gays in the military. There was also a religious nut. And last there was a lady who was straight, but for gay rights.

Well, the Rep was defending himself from the military guy who thought that because the guy was gay that he could not serve in the military because he would be to much of a 'distraction' to his fellow troops, even though the only way someone would know he was gay was if he told them. The religious nut was condemning homosexuality (as usual), and trying to clarify it by saying he was against the 'sin' not the 'sinner'. What ever you say Rev, I know where I'm going when I die. The straight lady and the gay lady were talking mostly about getting equal rights for gays, and getting tougher hate crimes laws, and better anti-discrimination laws for gays. I just thought it was interesting how in the dark the anti-gay people were on the show. They just had no idea what a gay person, especially a youth, goes through throughout his life.

Part of the problem is the stereotype that people have of gay people. You know the one, cross dressing, lisping, limp wrist 'fags'. Well, yes there might be those types out there, but there are just as many, if not more, normal acting gays. Most gays you might never know were gay unless they told you. I just don't see why these 'crazy' people think that a gay person can not serve in the military, or lead a 'normal' life with out having to worry about hate and discrimination. If a person wants to give his life for his country, or for another person (in the case of police and firefighters), why do we have to care who he is sleeping with or what he does on his own time. I know when I see all those troops fighting for peace in third world countries, I'm not thinking, 'Gee, I hope he's not gay, because if he is, were in big trouble. Everybody knows that gay people can't fight and use guns.' Well, I know everybody has heard that all before, but I had to say it.

Can you help me??

I could kind of use some help in the love department. I have a friend who I'm kind of in love with. I don't know if he is gay or straight. He has done things to make me think he was gay, but on the other hand he has done stuff to make me thing he was straight. We aren't real close, and I didn't see him for almost two years, but when we are together, its like we kind of click, or at least I think we do. Here is were I need your help. If you have finely tuned 'gaydar' and think you might be able to help me figure him out, e-mail me and I will send you my list of reasons I feel he might be gay, and reasons I think he might be straight. Then you can give me your reading on him.

Well, that's it for this week. Please send me any feedback or ideas you have for me, I love to get all that e-mail. Send them to tyler4us@hotmail.com And, as usual, thank you to the great folks at Oasis for letting me write.

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