Letter from the Editor -- October 1999

No point in saying it's been a busy month, they all seem to be that way.

Oasis is looking good this month: an irreverent cover story, powerful profile and some great columns.

The main thing I need is someone who wants to volunteer who has access to and knowledge of PhotoShop. I won't kid you, the job I have isn't very exciting, just taking author photos and putting them into two different templates. That's it. But it would help a lot. So, if you want to give back, let me know.

Got additional editing help from Aztec Yhessin this month which helped out. We were just chatting online and he asked to help, so right place and time and he edited many of the feature columns this month.

Oasis' fourth anniversary will be in December, what does everyone want to see in the magazine going forward? Mail me with your thoughts.




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