Rainbow Auction - The On-Line Auction for Gays and Lesbians

The On-Line Auction phenomenon has taken a firm hold on the Nation's buying and selling habits with the explosions of such Web sites as eBay, Yahoo and Amazon.com. At any time there are several million items up for bid on these sites. The categories they offer represent a wide variety but up until now Gay and Lesbian buyers and sellers have had to preface their listings and searches with key words such as "Gay Interest".

Now there is Rainbow Auction (www.rainbowauction.com) which is specialized for the G/L/B/T buyer and seller. They have categories relevant to the needs and interests of our community. Examples of Rainbow Auction categories include Leather Products, Lesbian Videos, Rainbow Pride Jewelry, Drag Accessories and Commitment Ceremony Products. No hard-core pornography or offensive items are allowed but there is a category for sex toys and erotic videos.

Another benefit to the community is that Rainbow Auction provides an opportunity for G/L/B/T craftsmen, artists and collectors to reach a wide market for their wares without the need to do expensive catalogs and publicity.

Web statistics for Rainbow Auction have been growing tremendously and there is advertising available on Rainbow Auction for sponsors in a variety of formats. Because of the real-time features of an auction visitors return frequently to see what is new so that advertisers get frequent repeat exposure. Rainbow Auction also has a nice selection of shopping venues for items such as gourmet foods, travel, dating and sex stuff, books, magazines, videos and music. Links for non-profits, information sources and media resources are available.

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