October 1999

Hello Oasis readers. Well, again this month, I learned a lot about myself. I have learned to be more comfortable with myself being gay and such. I have found the need to try to help someone along with their struggles with homosexuality. Someone on the 'net told me that it might help me in my coming out issues and I believe he is right thanks to this guy.

I, for a short time, thought during this month that I was not gay and it was all just a kind of a joke. Well, as you all know, it is not a joke and I am indeed gay -- those feelings come back ten fold. After that happened it is like 'hey Jon, you are gay and it is ok.' I also want to say too that I was reading XY Magazine the Summer Issue and wow a lot of good things to think about.

One story in particular hit me just right. It is the story of a guy named Chris who is on the football team and is the star of the team, popular and such. In the story, Chris was failing school and after the meeting with the counselor he hung out at the mall (This takes place in a small town) After being there a while, Chris sees his long time friend named Alec or shall I say ex-friend, and after a few more minutes he sees another named Jay, a different kid, show up. Chris decides he wants to pick on him. Well, while Chris was picking on Jay, Chris has these weird feelings. Actually, both do. To make a long story short, Chris ends up kissing Jay and Chris is shocked and runs out of the mall.

In the end, Chris confesses he is gay and breaks down on Jay's shoulders. The reason I tell this is because it really touched me I could see a little bit of every character in me. After reading that I thought I am not any different I am normal. I also thought would really like to help someone else deal with this issue.

Readers I would encourage you to read the Summer Issue of XY it has poetry in it and some really awesome pictures in it too, that I know you would enjoy. I also hope as I write this that I am at least making a difference in someone's life here on the Internet.

I hope to hear from some of you guys and girls out there please email me at jjia@geocities.com or jon99@beautifulboy.com I also have ICQ number is 7694949 and I also have AOL Instant Messenger JPJ82

Take care hope to hear from you


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