By LeGrand (Peachboi22@aol.com)

It's a secret none the less
I'm loving you at very best
I wish upon a shooting star
that you were here, and there you are
now I'm sending you a letter to let you know your loved so
and at the bottom I signed...XOXO

Now that you know that you admirably haunted
I wonder if your hoping this love will be flaunted
it's not easy to let this be public and know
that this love that's for you is from me that has grown
so this anonymous way is the route I will go
continuing to be known as...XOXO

Before my body rest, I kneel and prayed for the day
We could walk hand in hand, loving in an open way
I lay myself to sleep, and dream lustful things
like looking into your eyes, caressing your body as I sing
so why be the reason that my profiles kept low
to shadow the distant lover, who's title is...XOXO

Somewhere in the night my lust was tossed to the brink
my mind faltered to think, my eyes wouldn't halt the blink
in consoling my emotions, I made myself a pact
to end all the secrets and come clean with the facts
no matter the outcome, even at the cost of a blow
this is the only way to abate my alter...XOXO

So I called the next morning, to greet your awaking
my palms were all sweaty, my knees wouldn't stop shaking
you picked up and answered in a dry, wiry tone
soon highly irate knowing XO was on the phone
more lost and less gained since you finally know
it was your best friend calling himself...XOXO

Things ended abruptly, the scene was somewhat dramatic
we parted with ill feelings our friendship placed in the attic
time continued marching on, as I dwelled in the past
regretting how it happened, how that morning was made our last
there's a place for you somewhere in my soul, that I will never let go


A Broken Heart 'aka' XOXO

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