Poetic Youth

by Gustavo Soc

A magic spell awakens our juvenile renaissance
becoming angels looking for a frantic romance,
the passionate lights of hope beneath our most instinctive desire
make us search for the perfect muse for whom we would create an empire.

Always in a continuous rendezvous
hoping for the story of Capulet and Montague
to knock at the door of our heart
and transform our lives as Bergman and Bogart.

Romantic gypsies dancing under a silver moon
if you have hunger for rhythm...tell me soon
for us to make a revolution and tear the sea apart
and begin an evolution from our ideal start.

Still, sirens and pirates are part of our fantasy
but now they caress our flesh to provoke ecstasy;
we still fight dragons and phantoms in our dream
but now substances and dust are not what they seem.

Courageous knights desperate for life
with dangerous thoughts that can cut like a knife,
for us...the boundary of a liquid sky holds the truth
but stanza by stanza we create our real poetic youth.


Gustavo, 18, lives in Los Angeles and can be reached at Grecco18@aol.com

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