Excerpt from the unfinished novel, Leaving September

continued from previous excerpt

By Sandra, xanii@aol.com

M'Taii laid on the floating pool bed with Ashley lightly snoozing on her stomach. She adjusted the umbrella and gently lifted water from the pool onto Ashley to keep her from over heating. She marveled at how small and inanimate she could be at times. She revealed in how her small heartbeats reminded her of the time she carried Blanca. She was glad for this chance to be important to someone again. Both Ashley and Samantha.

Sam caught M'Taii winking at her and returned the gesture. She smiled, glad M'Taii had wanted them to spend the week with her. Sam eased her back farther into the pool chair and adjusted her sun visor. She thought back to their first night and how M'Taii had allowed her into her heart and fears.

She seemed to be coming around to the idea of having a family, even though it wasn't with Dora. Sam smiled, glad Ashley had bought them both together.

The six o'clock sun began its whine of mixed colors, signaling the end of another day. M'Taii extended her arms and propelled the float to the edge of the pool, she signaled to Sam to get Ashley and they both made their way through the house and up the stairs. They laid her on the bottom bunk and lightly covered her with a sheet. M'Taii tugged on Sam's hand and they left the room, leaving the door slightly ajar.

M'Taii pulled Sam into the bedroom and enjoyed the feel of her soft hands lightly imploring then finding their way up her back, on her bum then down the sides of her thighs. M'Taii scarcely breathed as she followed the path of Sam's hands on her. She closed her eyes and let Sam find her lips when she was ready. She savored the hot tangy feel of her tongue in her mouth.

She slid her fingers through Sam's hair and pulled back enough to concentrate on her eyes. She massaged Sam's scalp as she kissed her lips teasingly. Measured, she had to make sure she was measured. She slipped and let out a low moan, which made Sam stop in mid breath. She looked down, apologizing, only to miss the urgent want on Sam's face.

M'Taii backed up to the trunk at the bottom of the bed and sat on the edge, she separated her knees to allow standing space between them. She slipped her fingers beneath the edge of Sam's two piece suit, first on her back, then round front. She made her way to the waist of the bottom portion and then to her bum. Sam hung on to M'Taii's searching hands lazily, enjoying the feel of the still foreign touch. She kissed M'Taii's forehead and pulled her face into her stomach. M'Taii made slight kisses then wet circles with her tongue around her bellybutton.

M'Taii reached up, tugging at the thin straps of the bathing suit. Sam crossed her arms in front of her as the back was unbuckled. She hesitated as M'Taii tried to peel away the suit. M'Taii backed up onto the bed, pulling Sam by the elbows. She knelt, being level with Sam, then pulled her close. She kissed her cheek then whispered,

"I heard boobs are the best part of a woman." She smiled lustily, her hazel eyes shimmering. Sam blushed and tried to push the straps of the suit back up. M'Taii stopped her seduction and fastened the suit back. She sat back on her haunches and looked Sam in the eye.

"Whatever you're ready for, whenever that is." She laced her fingers with Sam's and pulled Sam on her. She kissed her, deeply, fully, complete.

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