November 1999

Warning: My wry, odd sense of humor was used during the production of this piece. My apologies to anyone with a funny bone.

Creativity and a Proper Grasp of the English Language: Or, Things Many Intolerant People Lack

Hatemongers, besides being extremely dangerous, are also uncreative hacks. Have you ever noticed that the same propaganda spread about gays now was spread about African Americans in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? That same general propaganda has been used by Hitler against Jews in Mein Kampf and was also backed up by 'scientific research' to condemn homosexuality in the Victorian age.

You know the general lines -- lower forms of humanity, misdeveloped brains, destroying society, international conspiracies led by the group, increased materialism, there should be natural segregation, parasitic, etc. After so many years and so many disparate groups that these ideas have been used against, one would think they would come up with something original. Perhaps gays are really aliens from another planet sent to observe human hatred in detail. Or maybe we're here to colonize an uncivilized planet. But no, hatemongers have to recycle the same old propaganda that was first used back in the middle ages. How amazingly dull.

For once, I'd like to hear something creative come from the right wing. Of course, the recycling of hateful ideas is also rather scary. African Americans were oppressed from the moment Europeans hit Africa and have yet to really gain true equality. The Nazi party and their hackneyed ideas resulted in the deaths of twelve million. If social Darwinists and anti-Semites were able to be so successful in their repression/annihilation of certain groups, what is to say that we won't have to deal with an all-out sexual orientation war? Nothing, except that it's highly unlikely that another Hitler will rise up. I think we've had our fill of megalomaniac, narcissistic, bigots for this century. And in a time where we're bombarded with information, there is enough of an educated class that knows better. At least, I hope so.

Humanity has proved itself wrong often enough to warrant concern. In my school, the hatemongers also can't spell. Not once have I seen a certain homophobic slur spelt correctly. It is wonderful to know that our school both loves and hates a certain water containment structure. Dikes really do help to make our lives less harried. Certainly, if one is going to condemn a group of people, they should be able to make sure they're insulting people and not a man-made embankment. I guess no one told that to the homophobes.

At least the so-called 'educated hatemongers' can spell their slurs correctly and back up their hate with something in the general category of 'evidence' whether it be faulty scientific studies or poor biblical interpretation. Many of my peers that are anti-gay or racist have no backing for their blind hate. Somebody is just different from them and they don't like that. Simplistic and appalling.

Until the world is perfect, or until I graduate from high school, whichever comes first, I will help to paint over the misspelt slurs in our building and escape from the rampant heterosexism of school once weekly at our diversity club meeting. And maybe, just maybe, our English teachers will hold a workshop on proper graffiti grammar and spelling. Then I can be annoyed by only the slur, and not the poor language skills displayed. Because, to be honest, I also truly appreciate the dike, and I don't want to see such a grand earthenwork defamed on a lavender wall right next to the proclamation, "Im sleepin with all you're men."


Bethany is a 17 year old lesbian from Western Massachusetts who enjoys reading, writing, and music. She attends a small public junior-senior high school in her hometown and hopes to escape very soon. You can contact her at k41632@yahoo.com or by showing up at her school and asking for the tall girl who wears plaid all the time.

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