November 1999

There's this thing called "love" in the air -- it has caught and infected everyone. People are walking around, actually using the word "honeybuns." All of this sounds silly, so I figured I'd take the time now to speak with you on the topic.

I'm in love -- well, I'm a Libra. I admit, sometimes I love love more than I love my partner, but its a small price to pay for the feeling of lightheaded at the sound of a person's voice. Its beyond comprehension. Besides, who would want to give up that feeling -- even if its not real? So what!

So is it possible to love at seventeen? I hope so! If not, its pretty impressive "fake love."

Can love be fake? If you feel emotion, and if it is love, even if you are not truly in love with that person -- is it not love? What else makes you feel as though you're in love -- but love?

I have a feeling someone is going to read this whole thing as directed at them. Is it?

No, not intentionally. Its directed at myself and an army of people convinced they're in love -- are you?

As Always Figuring It Out Through You,


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