EJ Chasse

November 1999

EJ Chasse is a sophomore at Penn State.

It's been a while. So I will get right to my topic.


It's a shame. Around the campus, the freshmen have been here for a couple of months, and now I get to see things from the other side. I was young and inexperienced last year, and I didn't know what I was getting into. I sort of know where I am heading now, and I get to see what's going on. The first thing I can say about what freshmen here go through is that it is a shame. The gay freshmen on campus are basically shown what the gay community here is like. These new students, who only look to earn acceptance. They see the gay stereotypes and believe that the stereotype is the only way to act. It's this mentality that has earned this campus's gay community the negative reputation it has earned.


Well, its simple to solve the negative reputation Penn State has earned, people act the way they feel like acting right away. Most older gay students drop the act, and are themselves. It's a shame that students have to be someone who they are not before they finally find themselves. It's a shame that students have to fill a role set by the society around them. It's a shame the negative reputation exists. It's simple folks, be yourselves.

Peace, Love, and Rock n' Roll


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