November 1999

This month I want to write about the person who got me to oasis. His name is Ty...Tyomaniac. We met in a room on AOL. I don't even remember who sent who the IM to who. I just know we got into some serious talking. It was nice to talk to somebody close to my age whose first questions weren't, "Whassup?" "You horny?" "You got a pic?" With him it was serious talk. Gay talk, but serious. I liked him right away.

He started talking to me about Oasis. About writing his columns. He sent me a link. I read them and liked them. He is such a good writer. He writes things that make me and his readers think. He is not afraid to tell who he is. And he is proud of being a gay teenager.

We talked for a couple of hours. He kept telling me I seemed smart and at least in my IMs could write pretty well. He kept trying to talk me into writing a column. And, as you can tell he succeeded. It took him three months. And during that time we talked a lot. Talking to him was almost more than talking to another kid. We talked sex a lot, without being horny sexy. We talked about being gay a lot. We talked about what scared us, about what we liked, about what we loved. We talked about our friends and about our families.

Finally in January of this year I wrote and sent in my first column. I sent it to him first and asked what he thought. He liked it a lot so I felt good about sending it in. I was wondering if it would be used and was so happy when it was. Then I was wondering it anybody would read it and write and talk to me about it. Well, they might have read it, but nobody but my friends wrote to me about it. They all liked it.

My later columns have gotten mails and IMs. That has been the fun part. Seeing what people think. Reading their ideas on what I write. My friend, Rich, who is a Senior in High School always checks mine over. He is a great writer and I keep telling him he should do a column. He has experience in a lot of life and could tell a lot and teach a lot.

All of my columns go to Ty. He lets me know what he thinks.

Since we met there are times we talk a lot and there are times we both get busy and don't get to talk much. But we are not afraid to tell each other what we think. Ty getting me to write the columns has been a lot of fun. I have always liked to write. I have written a journal just about every day since I was 9. It has lots of things in it that I think, things I do and what I think about it. And I guess you could call a lot of it X-rated.

I write stories. I have a story notebook I carry with me. A lot of guys e-mail me and say that I sure do write well for a 13 year old (it will be 14 when most of you read this). Well, writing is like sports, or anything else. You become good by practicing. I read a lot which helps my writing because I see a lot of other people's writing. And I write a lot, which is practice. My dad when he reads my stories (from my G-rated book, I have two of those) that it's not that I write so well for my age but that most kids write so poorly for their age. Maybe he is right, I just know that Ty's column is one thing I use for good writing. About how to write a column and make people think about what I am writing. If I could write half as well as he does I'd be happy.

I wish we could talk more. The last few weeks I hardly ever see him any more. But one of the things we always share when we talk is Oasis. I promised myself a year of Oasis writing. So I could know what it is like and see what people thought. Next month is the end of that year. I guess next month I will talk about what reading Oasis and writing for Oasis has meant for that year. This is a special place. I send a lot of friends here to read what it has.

Thanks for bugging me Ty and getting me to do this. I owe you for bringing me here.


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