November 1999

Jeffy writes again

Okay... second article to oasismag.com. Whoo hooo. I feel... special.. really!! Yeah baby! YEAH!! DO I MAKE YOU HORNY, DO I!!?! DO I MAKE YOU RANDY?! Yeah baby yeah...

*singing* I love you, always forever, near or far, pushin' together, everywhere I will be with you.. *forgets words* da da da da da... Don't you hate that? You get a song in your head, and it's a good song, but you don't know any of the words, and you sit there and make them up, and then someone laughs at you because you're making a total ass of yourself singing your made up words... okay okay.. enough about my stupid experiences.

I was talking to a friend of mine last night, and we were talking about coming out stories. He was telling me about how one day he told his mom: "Mom, I'm gay!" and she replied: "Yeah, so? I know," He was all like "HUH!?! How?!" and all she said was "You're a Madonna fan, honey."

I thought it was cute. I think it's just that all gay people, along with a fashion sense also have a good taste in music.

I admire Madonna for more then her music though. She's sooo open, I consider her one of my most important role models, along with Elton John, and any other groups or people with amazing sounds. I remember watching a Madonna interview one day where she just kind of walked up and kissed some random girl, being totally comfortable with herself. I was just staring at the screen wishing I could be that open and admired without getting my butt kicked.... but alas.. I just don't think I can go up and kiss a random boy on the street without getting my head kicked in.

Anyway.... time for a singing workout break! In my dreams, in my fantasy, I can see, all the things that will be... RESCUE ME! from a fantasy.. in my dreams in my dreams in my dreammmmss!!! (darkness sings AGAIN!! DANCE MIX 95! whooo hoo!!%@(@#.. dont ask.. I just found it in the bottom of my drawer!) Thank GOODNESS for dance mix 95! (okay okay okay.. it's old, it's in the past, but I just LOVE that CD!)

I'm sitting here eating captain crunch, and loving it. I'm one of those weird people who like to eat cereal at 5 o'clock in the afternoon and listen to dance music, but hey... it's me.. what can do you do?

I was reviewing my old journal that I haven't had the chance to write in for a while, and I was looking back to the day when I had first visited Gay Day at Paramount Canada's Wonderland in Toronto... it's held on August 7th each year, and they open up the entire amusement park to the Ontario AIDS Network, and they have a big dance party, and lots of eye candy. It's one of those events that you JUST CANNOT miss! Anyway... I was thinking back to the amount of fun I had, I am sitting here entirely content-thinking about the past.

That day, we jumped in the bright red mustang and headed towards Toronto. THE MUSTANG!!%*!#&$ There were these girls that kept driving by us, waving and hoping to get some kind of attention from us, but we just drove past em and put up a rainbow flag in the back window.

I'll never forget it. We walked into Wonderland, and my eyes just went buggy. THINK OF IT.... literally HUNDREDS of CUTE, YOUNG GAY BOYS.... mmmm... I was in heaven. I have never seen lines for rides go fast in my life. I met so many awesome people there, and I had more fun than I did at Disney World back when I was in grade 8. It wasn't just because of the amount of good looking guys that were there, but also due to the fact that I was being myself, and I didn't have to worry about what people were thinking about me, or if they were looking at me. I could stare, drool and otherwise trip all over myself as much as I wanted an no one would look twice. I have to say that I was kinda depressed when I had to leave that evening to go stay in some cheap hotel on Church St. Wait wait wait.. I know what you're thinking... But at the time, I didn't know what Toronto's Church St. was! (For those of you who don't know, you HAVE to experience it... I just can't describe it with words. It's Toronto's Gay/Lesbian/Bi district. It is literally AMAZING... so much pride gear, you'd spend all your money in the first block of walking!)

Anyway... back to Church St. We arrived at the hotel, and went up to our rooms... Me, being the geek I am had my laptop with me, and was surfing the net, chatting away and sending out hundreds of emails. I had a friend with me that I was sharing a room with me. In the middle of me writing an email back to my friends in Chatham, he decided that he was hungry, and that we should go for pizza. This is at 2 o'clock in the MORNING. So us, being the naive 16 year olds that we are decide to venture out onto Church St. at 2 o'clock in the morning for pizza.

On our way there, I was holding on to my friend's hand for fear of being killed, raped, or mugged, but he assured me that he would protect me.. (awwwwwwwww)... anyway.. yeah, moving right along... we found a 'pizza pizza' and stopped in. While I was chowing down on one bigass piece of pizza, the most amazing guy walked in.... he seemed so familiar.. then I realized... it was one of the guys I had just met at Wonderland. I didn't have the courage (also, keep in mind that I'm drooling.. erm.. that my mouth is stuffed with.... pizza). By the time I swallowed the mass of dough in my mouth and got up to say hi, he had vanished, along with his cute little clique. OH WELL.. life goes on.

We stayed out quite late, and eventually found ourselves back in the hotel. here's a copy/paste of my journal for that evening


Starting off today on a wonderful note. We just got back from Wonderland, which was fun... I've never seen so many gay people in one place before... The girls at the gate were cute too. One of them was named Sophiann. I got a picture of her. She was really nice, and I also made sure to give her a real big hug before leaving.

I also got random pictures of people that I don't know, which I will develop as soon as possible. I also talked to one girl while (friend) and (his boyfriend) were making pride necklaces... her name was Sandra. She was really cute too. We came back to get pictures of her as we were about to leave, and she wanted to look like she was doing something in the picture, so she gave (friend) a free tattoo! I'll never forget her, she was so sweet :)

I feel like Doogie Howser....

*snip snip boring part*

There was, overall a great amount of people that I met at wonderland, and I still can't believe that there were so many gay people in one spot.

They opened up Kingswood Theatre to all the gay people, and it was kewl actually, we got to see a bunch of people (as aforementioned) and i got pictures of most of them. (NOTE: None of these pictures turned out.. turned out I busted the camera)

*more snipping*

It was funny the way families came up to the entrance thinking it was just another ride, because the park WAS open to the public, and when the representatives told them it was "gayfest 99", they turned on their heels, trying to explain to their children what 'gay' meant. There were also a few kewl families who didn't really care and they paid to get in, and walked around and chatted and everything. I just went up to them and shook their hands, though I still think they thought I was weird...

I think we'll head down on to the streets of Toronto *scared* and attempt to find something to eat. I hope we don't get our asses kicked, mugged or hurt in any way... I know I'm being negative, but this IS TO (TorontO), and I hope we get back safe... i'm sure we will.

*hour glass runs*

Okay!.. (friend) is sleeping beside me now, and I wanna make one last entry before I go to bed. *snip part about pizza place* What a big city.... It's weird, because the tops of buildings seem to literally steam here, and it's weird, but wow.. what a view.

(friend) is soooo cute lying there in bed... it's too bad that (friend's boyfriend) has taken him... *sigh* I'll survive I guess.. geeze.. I have to find myself a man.

*** end journal entry

WAIT WAIT WAIT. There's more!!! We DID wake up! and NO, it wasn't that 'interesting' of a night. Anyway... here's more of the journal for that morning.

*** journal start 10:06am ALL RIGHT! Semi-good night's sleep!!

Toronto looks a little foggy right now, but other than that, it's interesting. We might check out early and go get some breakfast, I just have to hope that (friend) has a good sense of direction, because I sure as hell don't!

It's really too bad that I won't get to meet the people that i met in Toronto yesterday ever again, they were really nice, and I guess it gives me just another reason to want to move to Toronto. It's big, and intimidating, but there's so many things to do, so many places to go, no one ever sleeps... it's amazing, If I manage to get enough money to scrounge up a room or something right on Church ST. while i'm in University it would ROCK ASS!

(friend) is changing now **evil grin** *SMACK!* Enough Jeff, enough...

Anyway, we're going to go to Starbucks for breakfast.. mmm

*** COFFEE ***

The sky is clear, we're sitting in the shade, and it's a moderately nice day... I have noticed that the people are very friendly, which is reassuring, considering I'm usually quite paranoid about big cities.

I was taking a picture of the kitty cat on the roof jumping around, and this cute guy came out of one of the houses and mused that I shouldn't be taking pictures of the slums of Toronto, but as long as I wasn't from Architectural Digest, it was alright. I just figure pictues are interesting, and they should document what I see when I'm on a trip, and not just of my friends.

Anyway, this guy was really cute, and he's probably taken, but that doesn't matter.. hmmm.. i'd really like to live here someday.

We're sitting outside a house where a cute couple is taking bricks to the back of their house to build something... I think it's so cute to see a couple together like that, and I can only wish that I have that amount of happiness when I'm older.


Anyway... creepy as it may be, that's an entry from my journal for that day... I don't share my journal with anyone, but for oasismag.... why not? I love you guys man!

time for a... Jeff's MUSIC BREAK! *dances*

all of our time spent....
flashes of ligh-e-i-e-ighht!
All you people can't you see, can't you see..

how your love's affecting our reality... everytime we're down,
you can make it right, and that makes you larger than LIFE!

Okay okay.. enough enough.. I'm sorry :)



P.S. If you want to talk to me, or confuse me, ask me questions about this experience, or send me pictures of your cat, you can send em to: spotcleaner@hotmail.com (just don't ask about the SPOTCLEANER part.. it's a long story that I'll post sometime..)

Jeff is 16 a high school junior at Chatham Kent Secondary School in Chatham Ontario Canada. He likes to chat online, collect music, work (ech!) and be a general pain in the ass to just about anyone. He loves feedback from his readers, and replies to every letter

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