November 1999

Well howdy folks! I'm back with a vengeance!

Had a great summer, I got a new dog (my other dog died (old age)) and I just was lazy, so I didn't send any columns in. Sorry, but stuff happens.

I had an interesting experience back at school (oh yeah, I'm a sophomore). I firmly believe that all gay people will eventually have some sort of a coming out experience. Keep in mind that I came out to my mom and close friends almost a year ago. But on September 23, I had a "public" coming out. The ironic part? It happened in the middle of a Biology lab. Geez, I was expecting something more aesthetically pleasing. Hah. Anyway, I feel great, wonderful, happy, content, etc. I am now OUT. And I mean out! Ever since then, (to some people) I have been insufferably gay. I wear the gay pride stuff, tell people about gay rights and the HCPA (which, by the way, comes up for deliberation on Oct. 27, so get moving), and generally try to educate my fellow peers.

Keep in mind also that I live in the middle of the Bible Belt and the home of the Falwellians (Tennessee), so you would not believe some of the questions I've been fielding. How do two lesbians make love? Duh. I believe that we need to be more visible and confident. If people were informed of the facts, then we could get more support. Most of the other students have pretty much accepted me; I haven't been harassed by anyone, neither have too many people tried to "convert" me. My advice to anyone thinking about coming out: JUST DO IT! IT'S SO LIBERATING IT MAKES YOU WANNA SHOUT, LAUGH, CRY, DANCE, AND RUN AROUND ALL AT ONCE!!! YOU WILL BE GLAD THAT YOU DID!

Aside from my "public" coming out, I've been pretty busy lately. I joined the local Thesbians club and have been involved in that and I love it. I also am planning to show my new puppy sometime soon in the conformation ring. She's a giant schnauzer and the most beautiful dog you've ever seen. I cannot wait to see how she does.

Now, I have a discussion question. Is it better to tell someone that you are attracted to them, so they know, even if you might be rejected, or is it better to not tell them?

Anyway, on to other matters. As I mentioned before, the Hate Crimes Prevention Act will be decided on in the near future, so all of you over 18, please write or email your local U.S senator or representative and tell them you support it! Get involved in gay rights politics! (I would, but I'm only 15 which means I can't vote yet. But just wait 'till I'm 18!)

If this column sucks, please excuse me. I haven't written anything like it since June.

My Love to All.


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