Wesley Scott Mays

November 1999


Well, my first article got out and many things have happened since then. I have been finally getting much more social, and with the mark of me turning 18 finally, I'm getting a lot more responsibilities that are helping me quite a bit. I'm getting a car (actually I've already got it, but I can't drive it 'till I've got the chance to go get my driver's test, sometime next month). I'm getting my own phone line, and now (as of when you're reading this) have my own AOL account, which accounts (no pun intended) for the different e-mail address at the bottom.

I've been able to get to a new part of this area that is very good for going to if you don't have any qualms about anyone else's lifestyle. It's the Tower District. I've been able to go there a lot more lately (thanks to being 18) and actually was able to meet a guy, and we've been going out for a week and a half (as of the 13th of Oct). He's really great and not much older than me. The best thing that's happened to me (actually to either of us) in a while. (of course, getting feedback on my previous article was really great too). Anyway, I know that this one's short, but I've stated several things already, covered enough topics and given all that I can on them for now. Peace be with you and blessed be...

Q's or Comments? ramblings, ideas, thoughts, scrutinies, deductions, epiphanies; or if you just want to welcome me in some formal or informal introduction that would make it clear that I've been well-received; E-mail me at WSMaGWMSTW.hello@juno.com.

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