Fuck Pity: A Crip Queer Manifesto

Poetry (up to 5 poems), non-fiction (up to 8000 wds) and art (up to 5 pieces, don't send originals) that reflect trans, bi, lesbian, gay and/or queer-identified experiences in an ableist heterosexist world. Subject matter may include anything related to our lives, stories and identities as people challenging mainstream notions of (dis) ability and sexuality. Typed, dbl spaced. Include brief bio/cover letter. Submission Deadline: Dec. 7, 1999. Send to: Fuck Pity c/o Colleen Donovan 1122 East Pike St. #470 Seattle, WA 98122-3934. Include SASE (or IRC if applicable). Queries may be emailed to cripqueer@hotmail.com


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