'A Boy's Prayer'

By LeGrand (Peachboi22@aol.com)

I really blew it this time, overstepped my own bounds
God, please forgive me for my sin
and I ask you be with me, if once more I grow weak,
placing shame on myself once again
Jumped in front of the gun, though I seen the trigger pulled,
couldn't move myself out of harms way
knew that boy was nothing but a speeding bullet coming,
in my chest now is where he lay
Good thing I'm the type to wear my heart on my sleeve,
or I believe that I would've been killed
with a jeering, needle searing, disappearing displeasure
straight through the center's where that thing would've drilled
He wrote a poem about me once, and let me tell right now,
boys like that, really turn me on
couple of sweet endearing words said with a charismatic tone
I guarantee you my mind'll be blown
Why do I have this capacity to love
one who cannot or doesn't love the same
sometimes I think the only real love that I'll see
is when I write it to form my own name
Lord, I thought I had taken and passed all your test
but obviously, I must've been wrong
I felt I could wait till you sent me someone
but good heavens this is taking too long
I'm not trying to question the way you do business
or your timing, but Lord, I'm sayin'!
Are you looking from the sky and just passing me by
if so, Why? is what I ask when I'm prayin'
You make up these wonderful looking guys,
and tell me, "No, My son that's not for you!"
and I don't know which one was sent down for me
so I keep searching and going after what's new
Take TT for instance, why in Christ you send him down
is this a joke or some kind of game
cause he's exactly what I'd like to have by my side
raising kids someday bearing our names
Well let your will be done and whatever happens, happens
if not, I guess I'll just try again
but tonight can you send me a pretty boy in my dreams
to help me sleep, and Good Night God, Amen!

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