The End

By Sandra, Xanii@aol.com
Excerpt from the unfinished novel, Leaving September

Sam looked up, then reached over and kissed M'Taii on the lips. She turned and laid on top of M'Taii and ran her hands up her sides, until she had her hands pinned to the bed. She kissed her teasingly, lightly. She straddled M'Taii, then reached her hands around back and unbuckled her top. Slowly, she let the straps fall, revealing her untanned skin, her soft pale nipples.

M'Taii reached up, stroking the sides of her breasts with the side of her middle fingers. Sam closed her eyes and waited. M'Taii sat up and kissed Sam's chin, then made her way between her breasts. She took one nipple into her mouth and stroked Sam's back, slowly, rhythmically. She let her feel as much as she needed, until She could put her hands to rest on M'Taii's solid shoulders and allowed herself to be swept in.


M'Taii cradled her, bringing her down on the bed. She laid on her side, supporting her weight on her elbow, she kissed her throat, brushed her hair aside. Sam kept her eyes closed, oblivious to her shift of position. M'Taii stroked her thigh between Sam's legs and was met by a slow shudder, followed by a mild protest. Measured, she had to remember to be measured. She stopped and looked at Sam, eyes heavy with desire.

Sam bit down on her lower lip, trying to find her breath. She felt M'Taii move slightly and lock fingers with her then lost her grip. M'Taii made lava trails down Sam's chest to her belly button, then kissed the inside of her thighs, slowly seeking entrance to her sacred temple. White lightening began its strike behind her closed eyelids as her fingers frantically searched for someone, something to bring her back. Her belly tensed then subsided as M'Taii's firm hand swept over it. She shuddered, cold now from the lull of her release.

M'Taii wiped away the light sweat on Sam's forehead and put her full weight on her shuddering body. Sam clamped on, letting her body finish out it's protest of pleasure. Sam's eyes fluttered and she tried to focus, she spoke through clenched teeth.

"How... did you... make me feel... that...?"

M'Taii kissed her lips.

"Because, I love you."

Silent tears eased down their faces.


Thanks to all those who kept with me... See you next month -- Sandra

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