December 1999

The Life of Brian

Well I had to do it sooner or later.

Now, onto my little blurb. It is now some random hour on some random day. I have just recently seen Sunset Blvd. and enjoyed the show very much, though I must confess, Petula Clark's version did take some getting used to.

To my misfortune, I am running into a dry spell creatively. I am re-re-re-re-writing my great American novel. After seeing the Halloween crowds on Castro, I felt my beginning on a fictionalized version would still be impossible. Although the scenes require a violent and improbable death, I at least have to make everything else probable. Naturally I am stalled once again with the entry of the characters, locations, and so on.

As for my social life, still DOA, but its not like I have the time, Gap pushes the limit on part time hours. The work is hard, but it does not seem like it is, if you know what I mean. So, therefore if my social life is dead, I don't even want to look at the remains of my love life. A nasty scene that is, so let's move right along shall we?

I suppose I should try to describe my physical self. Last I checked, I was about 5' 7" maybe a little taller now, but not much. Weight, 160, last I checked. Pierced 9 times. I swear its an addiction. That's three in each ear (a 12, a 14 and a 16) one 14 in the septum (Ouch!) one 14 in the belly button, and last but not least, my first one, a 10 in the tongue. I also have a small tattoo just above the joint of the right arm. It is the Chinese character for evil. Brown hair (now died black, just for Halloween, hasn't washed out yet) Blue eyes, and a pasty white skin. I think that covers everything.

It is in this small section that I ask for feedback, as it helps my clockwork get into motion. Ask questions, suggest something, say "hi." Any sign of life would be most appreciated. I was welcomed warmly, but now I feel as if the flies are dropping before they reach their target, in other words, I fear as if I have frightened you off now that my entry has had a chance to settle. Not to fear, that is the reaction of most everybody. I take a little getting used to, so be patient, I promise you won't regret it.

Well, I do believe that is it. Not much I know, but then again, I did warn you that I am not active mentally right now. I will leave this issue with a quote from the "O" Program.

"Travel far enough away, my friend and you'll discover something of great beauty: your self.

Good night,


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