Lincoln Ho

December 1999

Hi people(s)! Interesting start, eh? I am sarcastically saying that, don't worry. OK, enough about being queer (I'm using it in the context it's supposed to be), let's get on shall we?

Hmm. I'll start by starting my new word I've come up with and then write what's been happening to me at school. Be warned: this is a really weird column.

Well, I'm sure that many of you may have heard of the words degay, ungay or gayist before. Well, if you haven't, now you have. Anyway, these are words that my friend made up, or just tried to mean something with what they were trying to say for words that don't exist. Now, ungay isn't the word that I made up but I'll tell you what it supposedly means by my judgment of what they mean.

Ungay and degay literally mean the same thing. If you're not dumb, many of you will probably know what these words mean. Un or de means "not" and gay of course means "happy" (just joking). Gay means homosexual. So, to put the word together and in simple terms, the two words mean "not homosexual". Now you can probably guess what I'm leading this into and if you don't then oh well. Gee, I'm really hyper or something today aren't I?

OK, my friends often tell me that my taste in guys are quite good and that I'm too gay for them (this does NOT mean I'm feminine, not that there's anything wrong with that, but it means that they say that my taste matches theirs so much that it freaks them out). I have no idea why but that's what they think and say. So anyway, then they go on and after a bunch of talking, they feel sorry for me and stuff saying that I should go for girls or something and ask me if I can ungay myself or get some chick to degay me. So that's how it's used.

Now, gayist is the other word that I hear quite often to describe prejudice to gay people. Well, there's the sexist, which is prejudice towards a sex or gender, then there's the racist, who is prejudice towards a specific race or culture, then there's all these other "ist" words which describe political stuff but I won't get into that. So, when one of my friends try to stick up for me, some of them tend to make a long speech and then say, you shouldn't be racist, sexist, and therefore not gayist either. Of course, the one who says this then is the target because they're just being dumb. Well, it just doesn't sound right. A gayist sounds like... I don't know but it just doesn't seem right but there isn't really a word that focuses on "us".

So, I've decided to make a word up from scratch. Since a word that ends in a vowel sound shouldn't have the vowel carry onto the ist. OK, I'm not an English expert, it's my own judgment so don't scream at me if I'm wrong. So it just doesn't sound right. So with the example being race and racist, the vowel is taken off. Raceist doesn't seem very right. So, I'll take off the y. But that will have the same effect and the problem. Gaist in any way you say it still doesn't sound right. So, take off the a.

GIST (jist) is the word I've come up with. It can easily fit into a sentence and if asked, just explain what it means. Use it for the meaning. And if everyone starts to use it, it might start to become a word in everyday language like many other made up or words that aren't used a lot.

That leads me into the use of swears in everyday language, Most of the swear words that we hear over and over again weren't in such "popularity" ten years ago. They were there but they were considered to be swear words. But why is it that today, you can hear it them at least a dozen times by the end of the day? It just doesn't connect to me. I mean, is there respect in this world anymore? How are we supposed to get people to do that with gays and lesbians if people aren't even respecting the general public? Some thing like this does start with us as the future generation. Can we all live without the 'a' word, the two 'b' words, and the 'f' word? Would it really make you feel left out if you chose not to use them? Just think and notice around you. You'll be surprised at what other cool things you can say to replace those and you'll also be surprised that you'll lose count of the number of times they are used if you keep track.

In movies, media, songs, peers, even teachers and role models, you can hear some of the terrible words that come out. I'm not offended by them but some other people may be. Just like if someone talks about gay people and insulting each other with it (I will talk about this later on).

I know I'm not totally innocent as well. If you go to some of my earlier Oasis columns, there were some incidents where I used some swears. In my songs however, I have changed all the swears in them so if you see one still in my old site, please tell me.

So anyway, let's all start this new era of time by making it fresh and clean, and if I can ask for you guys to start using the word GIST? Or start an awareness program of a sort and in some sentence or slogan, "Don't be a gist!". OK, I'm pushing it too far but please do use less colorful words and try to encourage others not to either. Well, with the sake of Jolly St. Nick himself (OK, this is also over the edge), gist is already a word! Microsoft word didn't underline it but oh well. Use it for a new meaning, not for the coolness of it.

While on the damn topic of words (damn is not a word). I will talk about the insulting and stuff with some racial slurs and whatever else there may be. A lot of people will tend to disagree with me here but if you are to disagree, you can always email me at neoanderson@canada.com and release your rage there. (hint hint).

Ok, getting onto the point, I don't believe that words like nigger, wop, chink, jew, fag, and the countless other words should be offensive UNLESS used in a manner of insulting another person. I mean, I call myself a fag, black people call each other niggers all the time, Chinese do it as well with chink. I mean, if you can use it within yourselves, why take it as a big offending harassment case if someone just uses it? I'm not saying it's right, I'm just telling people to not react so violently with the words.

It seems that I am contradicting myself but I am not (shh, be quiet, I'm always right no matter what *sarcastic*). Hmm, but anyway, swears and slurs are two different things. Swears are just nasty in general but slurs as I see it are just slangs to describe a particular group of people. So unless used as an insult (you fag!, damn chink!), it shouldn't be offensive to people.

Ok, that's my opinion and my perspective and I'm sticking to it. So yeah.

Well, I guess it's time for me to end this column. Happy holidays y'all! There's so many holidays that I don't know them all and I don't want to leave an important one out. Don't drink and drive either! I want you all to be able to sign my guest book at http://i.am/lincolnho

My site may not work sometimes but it's there. If it doesn't work, reload it and then if it still doesn't, try in again a few hours later. I've put a lot of time and effort into it and I'd like it to be put in use as well. Anyway, enough of my selfishness of getting my guestbook signed. If you've got something to say, send me an e-mail neoanderson@canada.com.

Oh, my friend compiled a list of words for me that are considered as swears or just terms not to use. Some of them are weird but apparently, they all have background to why they should not be used as insults. OK, maybe they're harsh words. For the swears, just don't used them at all. Swears have asterisks on the vowels.

F*ck, cunt, sh*t, b*tch, whore, slut, *ss, *ssh*le, fag, queer, fudgepacker, nigger, wop, dyke, b*st*rd, , dickhead, f*ckface, , loser, winner, stupid, dumb, retarded, dumb*ss, sh*thead.

Sorry to end with these words but if we don't know what may harm some people, we may not improve our selves as people with hearts.


Lincoln Ho

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