December 1999

Heylo my most favorite people in the entire world! Time for another article - by Jeff, the geek... read on - muahahahahahahaha

I really need a digital camera. I am getting sick of people asking me all the time in chat rooms and such if I "have a pic". Every time someone asks me something like that, I just simply ignore them. It's like.. DUH.. why don't you NOT be so rude, and possibly provide one of yourself first before going along and collecting random pictures of people that you don't even know. It's weird how people can be so weird - they're out to judge people on the net by the way they look... I've always considered chatting cool because you can't judge people on their skin color, or religion, or what they look like because that isn't an issue. You have no choice but to judge people on their intelligence and on how they express themselves through writing. Anyway... *Bleh*

I guess I'm kinda taking the wrong outlook on things, or maybe I am just being blind to what society is really like right now, because our lives ARE totally based around superficial things, and we often judge people more on what they look like for who they are. I guess that's just one of those things that will probably "always be that way" but who knows. Maybe I'm weird, but I have lots of... ugly? Naw.. that's not the way to put it... let's say...non super-model friends, if you want to put it rather bluntly. I have always tried to avoid judging people on what they look like, and I have found that by living this way, you can properly find out how nice and intelligent people really can be, and see how beautiful they are on a much deeper down, more intimate level.

Hmm.. anyways.. where does this all stem back to? Why would jeffie-boy go psycho and start ranting this way? You mean, it's not in his personality? hehehe... Let's just say the he uses oasismag as an outlet for his personal feelings - so you, my precious readers should feel...privileged - or annoyed - either way, you're the people who have to suffer through my writing.

Let's move along to my next rant...

Okay, I AM only 16, and I can't get into bars and stuff, but it isn't like that matters anyhow, because I'm not the kind of person who likes to drink, or smoke, or do drugs. I just don't seem to fit in with typical gay society, but then again, I am living in a small town, living a pretty simple, non-exposed lifestyle. I guess one could say this is where the problem is situated. I figure that it's bad enough that there isn't anyone "like me" (gay teens) in my area that can understand me, and I just figure I make life worse for myself when I don't take drugs and do things like the rest of those "cool" and "socially accepted" people.

Again, one could take the point of view that I "just don't know what I'm missing!" and that could be entirely true. I haven't yet experienced it, so I really don't know what I am missing - or not missing by not doing drugs. I figure, in the long run, that I'm going to not only save money, but brain cells as well, and hopefully be successful while the rest of the people I know that do drugs are living on the street.

Bah - who really cares though? I'm not going to judge my friends because of their choice to do drugs or drink... they are totally entitled to live the way they want to, and I have respect for them for choosing that path in life. Whether they will be successful or not, sluts or not, or a walking HIV cases, it's totally up to them, and their choice of how to live their lives. I just know that I will always be ready for my friends to offer my advice or be there when they need me. Personally, I want to be successful and live a happy life and be devoted to the man of my dreams, if I ever do find him - though this isn't related in any way with drugs, but more or less the lifestyle that goes along with people who do drugs.

Examining both sides of the coin... what are the costs? The cost of not 'enjoying raves to their fullest', or not having 'amazing sex'. I don't know.... My opinions are kinda flip-flopping back and forth lately, and it's been hard to decide how I want to live my life. All people ever talk about now is how they did E (XTC) at a rave, and had the most amazing sex... I'm starting to think that I might just be missing out. I AM only 16, I know, but looking at how much fun everyone else is having doing drugs and having sex, I can't help but feel like a geek, who thinks that school is more important that getting pissed with his friends.

ANYWAY... getting back to that superficial thingy-majigy... If I ever do get a pic, you OasisMag friends will be the people who get to see it first, and then send me comments on them. Won't that be exciting?!?! I'll just have to set my mail client to ignore all negative email, and print out automatically all the good stuff... hehehe.

OKAY... song of the month... Enigma - The Rivers of Belief. This is one good song people, and it reminds me of the Lion King, whether it was actually on the soundtrack or not, it's really relaxing, and does amazing things to you if you are tense. Enigma is kinda known for this though, I guess, it's always been relaxing - listen to me... I sound like my parents... they listen to Enigma! Blah... anyway... The only time that their music has really bothered me was when a friend and I went to a coffee shop in Windsor. They're like BLASTING Enigma in this little coffee place, making it hard to even communicate with someone that has their ear to your mouth (NO! We are NOT making out!). BLAH... just forget that moment of sexual innuendo... :)

OKAY NOW... website critique. I was surfing though oasismag.com, looking in every nook and cranny, and observing everything I could. I came upon a link to blairmag.com. I suggest you take a look. Though it looks like it may be designed for higher bandwidth connections (big movies and such to download), they aren't embedded in the webpage, which means easy loading for anyone, even if you're on an old 2400-baud modem. They have lots of cool games like 'Gay or Eurotrash' - oohhh GAY or EUROTRASH LOL.... hehe.. no offense to all the cute European boys out there of course, but trash exists everywhere. ANYWAY... I found it quite amusing, and I was giggling all throughout my shift while I was at work. "Lesbian or German Lady" is very interesting too. There are also lots of tributes to important people, and a bunch of interactive articles. The brains behind this webmag must really be workin' 24 - 7.

This kickass site also has links to archives, and fictitious reviews and stories and such, along with any other fun stuff that the authors can possibly dream up. They also have a library-o-blair, where you can review all of their old issues.

You can't help but laugh at some of the stuff on this site, though it may take a little exposure to gay society to figure out (not like I have much - if I understand the jokes, I'm sure you can), it's still hilarious. If you do get a chance, blairmag.com is definitely worth the visit.

Well, anyway - I am finally glad that winter is here. Canadian winters are kinda suck, mainly due to the fact that they are so cold... Anyway, getting to the positive points of winter in Canada, I love fireplaces, and big cuddly blankets that you can curl up with. Only one thing is missing from this situation - the cute boy that I'm supposed to be laying there with, but God knows when I'll get that...

I really should stop complaining about not having a boyfriend, because it's not like I've not been asked before. It isn't that I don't want a boyfriend, because I really do, I just don't feel that I am mentally prepared, nor do I have the money to support having a boyfriend. I have had some of the cutest guys in the world ask me out, and I really like them, it's just... I don't know... no spark? People don't give other enough time to get to know them, though they may have very well felt that they gave enough. That is what is annoying about relationships - no one knows how much time the other person needs before moving on.

Oh well - life goes on... I'm sure that I'll feel comfortable with someone soon - it's just a matter of time.

Due to the fact that I don't have much more else to write about, this concludes column #3 for jeffy, I figure that when this gets posted, it'll be somewhere near Christmas, so button up, and stay out of the cold. THINK about what you're wearing, and don't make dreadful fashion mistakes like BROWN pants, and a fluffy PINK fake fur coat.

Yours in bitchyness, hehehe


PS - I know bitchyness isn't a word :p

Jeff is a geek, currently living in Chatham Ontario Canada - if you would like to contact him, send him pictures of your cats, talk, stop - drop - roll, paste this article into a word processor and send him all the grammar errors, or otherwise communicate with Jeff, email him at: spotcleaner@shaw.8m.com.

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