December 1999

Hello girls and boys...

The month is going to be December, meaning Christmas is coming soon, very soon. I have spent $200 already on two close friends and I have four more people to buy for. I can tell I'm going to be very broke after this month!

So I have made a very big decision in my life. After I graduate, I am moving to New York City. For no apparent reason really, except that I need a change, a big change, and NY has been calling my name for as long as I can remember. This is semi-definite, and the only thing that will change my mind is if I attend Indiana University and fall in love with the school. Which is not likely at all, because I loathe school in general and I may not even get accepted. I did horrible on my SAT's BTW, so there is a low chance of me getting into a school anywhere.

My love life still sucks. I am torn between two people, one who is moving away to California and probably doesn't even feel the same way about me, and the other who is the love of my life. The latter person is just perfect for me in every way, but is not into me at all....or so I think. Sometimes I'll be with him somewhere and he'll just give me the biggest hug and tell me how much he cares about me, but then other times he'll be very anti-touching and want to be left alone totally. I am perfectly fine with being friends with both of them, but more than friends is always a good thing...

I have received some great letters of support from writing this column. I have also received some very disturbing letters from very sad and lonely people. To everyone: You are not alone. We are all in this together. I will always write back to any letters I get and will talk whenever you want. I have stayed awake at night thinking about each and every person who has written. My heart goes out to you all.



Anyone who is expecting a horrible Christmas can drop me a line and we'll yuck it up about how much we hate family reunions.

Soundtrack: Ani DiFranco "To The Teeth", Placebo "Without You I'm Nothing", Morcheeba "Who Can You Trust?", PJ Harvey "Is This Desire?", Catherine Wheel "Happy Days", Lush "Tolopino", and of course...the lovely Tori Amos....mostly "From The Choirgirl Hotel", because it totally describes my life at this point....

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