December 1999

The Future Of the Future (Stay Gold)

You know I've given this some more thought, I wonder why I use a referring song title or lyric in my column. Well music is a part of my life, and it shows. I'm a rave DJ, I have a mammoth CD collection, and hey it doesn't hurt to be inspired by stuff.. *smile*

Well I think I'll divvy this column up again. It helps keep me focused and focus is good... *smile*

Part One: Gatekeeper and Helloween

As now being an official part of Gatekeeper, I've been recruited to help out with certain events which included helping out with Gatekeeper Helloween. Now first off, Helloween despite how much fun it was, or should have been, was exactly what the first part of the word was.. Hell. I'll begin explaining...

When I got to the event at about 10 p.m. that night we already saw about 150 people in the building.. things were getting intense and no one expected to see how insane it would get. We figured if we hit the 500 mark we would be doing great and all things would be kosher. However, about 800 people showed and about 11p.m. the lineups began. People waited outside of the Apaloosa (our venue 20 minutes outside of the city) to get in, and it got nothing but more and more crowded as the night went on.

Problem #2-Water. now any of you who have thrown raves in your lifetime will agree that water is vital in someone's well-being, especially if you were on ecstasy that night. Well guess what?? We had 500 bottles and gallons in wait because the farmer who rented out the venue told us that the water was going to give ravers the runs and a stomach ache. So for $3 cdn you got a bottle of water (a big bottle) and for another $1 you could get refills. We had also turned off the taps and put signs stressing to people that the water would make you very sick. This was very unfortunate as halfway through we ran right out of water and had to wait for an hour until someone brought us more (thank god!) We pretty much raided a Shoppers Drug Mart here in the city, of ALL and I mean ALL of their water.

About this time, I was also working in the back in concessions.. so for the time that I was there (2/3's) people bitched at me and were rude and I almost lost it on someone. Talk about PLUR which brings me to my next point. There were tons of new people there. People who have no idea what it's about and what the scene really is based on. Four people also had seizures that night.. one epilepsy related as well as three dehydrations. Not good.

Finally, the last problem deals with the next section.

Part Two: Closets are for clothes not people and their "issues"

I told everyone last moth about C. whom I met at the Summit.. well so far things had been going well. He swore up and down he was straight, although he did things that suggested otherwise? How many str8 males do the following: bring you candy at work, hug you on a regular basis, take you out for supper and communicate with you almost everyday (we talk via phone, e mail as well as ICQ). Anyhow he still swears up and down he is straight and yeah some of his actions are still straight but the other 80% of his actions have shown otherwise. example: I cooked him supper one evening and we sat and watched a movie together, I massaged him and he "enjoyed" it. And spineless me never made a move.

So we go to the rave together with a couple other friends, and once there we all split. I worked in concessions and after the fact I run into him necking with a girl. ack.. now this is after I gave him a back massage and he pretty much melted in my hands. That pissed me off. I then stopped in my tracks soon after.. I realized that his actions towards me may be still dropping suggestions, although he's still playing it straight to everyone else. So I calmed down and finally 2/3 of the night through I got to dance. After, and later on I ended up hugging him a whole succession of times that night. I also read his cards for him, explaining to him (in the most non biased way I could) that someone was interested in him and that he should take notice. And surprisingly enough

At about 8 in the morning I ventured out to see him sitting in the car alone.. I went to join him and I curled up beside him. We talked for a half an hour.. just about stupid things. nothing in particular. It was nutty but it was there. I hugged him again at the end of the night. But by this time I wanted to go home.. and I needed sleep. They dropped me off and I crawled into bed..

I've talked to him quite a bit since then, he and I have seemed to have gotten a bit closer. And I've come to the conclusion that if he never says anything in the next while. I will be sending him a letter explaining my feelings out to him.. but that I don't have to worry about until Xmas.

Part Three: Exodus....

I'm putting on a rave with gatekeeper in December called Exodus. It's more than likely after three days of being chewed at on the PPM message board we have learned from out mistakes and we will be taking preventative measures to ensure everything goes well this time around. I'm happy that at least 85% of the people at the party had fun.. and enjoyed themselves and that this will pave the way for Exodus. Anyhow all have a Merry Christmas cause I won't see y'all till January.


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