Letter from the Editor -- December 1999

Four years! This marks four years of Oasis online... which is hard to believe. We launched the same year as Amazon.com, if you can believe that.

It's been a fun trip, and there's more in store. By next year at this time, I doubt you will recognize the Oasis you are reading now. But I've got burned before by promising redesigns, etc., so I'll keep it vague.

This issue was a few days late going up, been busy at work, not to mention I've been fitting a lot of concerts in lately. Ricky Martin and 'N Sync. And yes, I'm aware that both are subjects of sexuality speculations, etc.

Ricky's show was a lot of fun, although a bit over-rehearsed. 'N Sync was good, too, but I'm not used to concert with a constant screaming track going on at the same time. I mean, once they are onstage, we know they're going to sing for a while, must there be screaming? I was amazed that N Sync were actually able to do their show, considering the constant flash bulbs and screaming. But I guess that's their world. Good singing, though, when you could hear it. People have asked me online already, so I'll delve into it here. Who is my favorite member of 'N Sync? Going into the show, I was torn between Lance and Justin. None of the other three entered the competition even seeing them live, but I think Lance has a slight edge.

Not to mention that I always liked Jonathan Knight when New Kids were popular and he ended up being the gay one (if you believe rumors), so maybe I'm on the money with Lance, too. Of course, if I did end up sleeping with Lance (or Jonathan, for that matter), it wouldn't be something I'd be writing about here, anyway.

Oh well, happy holidays everyone, and Oasis should be here on the 1st, assuming everything goes smoothly with Y2K.




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