Youth Guardian Services launches mailing list for HIV-positive youth

The POSITIVE YOUTH Email List is the latest addition to the extremely popular youth-only support and discussion email listservs operated by Youth Guardian Services (YGS). The POSITIVE YOUTH Email List has been created to provide a safe space for young people 25 years old or younger living with HIV. The support and discussion email list caters to the unique needs of HIV+ youth to talk to other young people with similar situations and experiences.

"While a lot of online resources exist with regard to HIV prevention and education, there are no known established online support groups that are specific to youth living with HIV," said Jason Hungerford, the Executive Director of Youth Guardian Services. "That is where we come in, and we have created a project based around that void that was there. A resource like this is very much needed."

The POSITIVE YOUTH Email List is restricted to youth 25 years old or younger who are HIV+. To subscribe, send an email to listproc@youth-guard.org with the message (without the quotes) "subscribe positive YOUR NAME" in the body of your email message. For more info about this new list, send an email to listproc@youth-guard.org with the message (without the quotes) "info positive" in the body of your email message.

With the new POSITIVE YOUTH Email List, Youth Guardian Services will provide the same kind of high quality peer support that we have provided to nearly 5,000 youth for the last three years. Whatever the situation may be, each list subscriber can expect to receive a list full of young people ready to offer friendship, advice, or just a kind listening ear. If you're a young person living with HIV and you want to talk to people your own age in similar situations&emdash;this list will be there for you, listen, and be a friendly support line that you can count on.

To subscribe to the POSITIVE YOUTH List:

Please note that the subscribe command must be in the body of your email message and NOT the subject line. Replace "YOUR NAME" with your own name or email address.

For more information about the POSITIVE YOUTH Email List visit http://www.youth-guard.org/youth/positive/

Youth Guardian Services is a youth-run, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides support services on the Internet to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, and straight supportive youth. The organization operates solely on private donations from individuals. For more information about Youth Guardian Services, please visit our website at http://www.youth-guard.org

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