slip + fall = stuck

By Josh Naftel, djmixnmagic@hotmail.com

I'm sad
but I should be strong
really, we only just met
but i didn't expect
to slip and fall so soon

You answered
"Of course I'll keep in touch,"
but really behind those sea-green eyes
were thoughts of him
that wouldn't subside
we let passion pave the way
but now the past has flowed back in

We backwards went
from lovers to friends
you backwards slipped
from giddy to pensive
from calling out my name
to barely looking my way

Yeah, everybody hurts
but not forever
can I wait for you
to step up to the future
where I stand
still holding your hand
because I'm sure
that I want you
but you're not sure
that I'm not him

I should be strong
it wasn't that long ago we met
I was ready to start
but you hadn't quit
so i should move on
but I'm still sad

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