My Island With Kyle 2: Back Home

Chapter 3, part 2

By David

(read the November 1999 issue under My Island With Kyle Two: Back Home BEFORE you even start this....)

"Oh, yeah, my names Kyle.... Kyle Rusnick."

Someone called over to him from near the checkout, probably his friends. My own friends walked up right then. I looked back at them and that girl Misty was staring at Kyle with a not so friendly glare. I looked back at Kyle, he looked at his feet and starting to walk away.

"Hey, I'll be a senior, my names Jack Collins." I told him and he looked back at me.

"Cool, a senior. Well, hope you like that CD, I gotta go, talk to ya later." He smiled and turned around. I got a better look at him, yeah, just over five foot, slim and what was looking to be a muscular build. Nice back end, too. I almost started cracking up laughing until I looked back at Misty, she had a mean look in her eyes.

"I hate that faggot." She spit out, and my eyes widened in surprise. Scott looked at me with the same reaction.

"What are you talking about, you know him?" Scott asked her.

"Yeah, my friend Jamie tried to date him on their vacation, he lead her on and she was head over heels for him. But them someone found him screwing this other fag on a bed in a house, Jamie was so shocked and embarrassed, not to mention hurt, he lead her on and everything, spent all his time with her, only to find out he's freaking gay. I'm surprised you guys don't know, we've been spreading it everywhere so he doesn't do it to anyone else again."

"What, you've been telling everyone? Why?" I was furious, but in a rush at the same time, I was panicking, this was not possible, but it was real.

"Why not? People like that should be exposed and forced to live the lifestyle they chose, it's their fault." She said this with such certainty and spite I felt sick to my stomach.

I dropped the CD and quickly walked towards the door, I couldn't handle this, what was going on? I wasn't the one found out, it was some other poor guy, one particularly nice looking guy. I threw open the door in time to see him in the back of a car speeding away. Did he see me, I thought I saw his face turned back, but maybe not. I shuddered and went to my car, started it up, and sped off. Scott was walking out the door with his hands up in question, but he knew the answer, he was more than likely just showing for Misty. God, what if she thought I was... no, I was worrying now. Worrying is worthless if it accomplishes nothing. I drove around the town again, listening to the new creed I had bought the previous week. I was in a dreary state, suddenly aware and alert, every car that was similar to the one Kyle was in caused me to double take. I finally came home, put up my top, and sat on the steps of my porch. I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. I felt a need to protect Kyle, even though I just met him. School started in just a few days, it was going to be hell. That bitch Misty and whoever this Jamie person were the exact kind of people I was afraid of, the exact people I automatically hated. I was still thinking deeply when Scott walked up, I hadn't even noticed his car.

"Hey. What's up?" Scott came over and sat next to me. I didn't say a word.

"I told Misty you were probably just angry because you didn't think Jamie was the kind of person to spread things about other people, that you had liked her at a time. I think she bought it." Scott stared ahead like me.

"I don't even know who the hell Jamie is. I don't care if you hang out with Misty but not around me anymore, I refuse to be around that bitch."

"That's cool, I don't really like her anymore either. She seemed really nice, but then again you never know about people really, do you?" Scott nudged me and laughed. This lightened me up a little.

"Yeah, I suppose, so you're done with the bigot?" I put some spite into those last words.

"Hey, now, she may have acted a little bit angry, but think, she's also just protecting her friend, Jamie. Jamie is probably mad because she really liked what's his name?"

"Kyle," I interrupted.

"Yeah, Kyle, anyway she probably liked him a lot and it hurt her."

"Still no excuse to screw his life up."

"Right, but people are incredibly vengeful and passionate about whatever their feeling when it comes to love. Look at you, you don't even know this kid, and already your ready to condemn two others to being bigots."

"I never said I was protecting him, I was only standing up for--"

"Yeah, sure, sure. The whole gay equality thing, right? You tell one person and you think you have the right to judge others because of it. Jack, you yourself would snicker at a gay joke in school, or call someone a faggot, and you mean to tell me now that you've found one your going to help him out just because you're the same? Just because you believe he shouldn't be put down? We've had lesbians before that you've said nothing before and you expect me to believe your just doing it for a cause?" Scott's tone had changed to annoyed.

"Yeah. I don't think it's right, what you think that every guy friend I make from here on out I'm hitting on?" I struck back.

"NO, that's not what I said, I said simply that you've never stood up for anyone else before, and that's as bad as committing the act itself. You feel for that kid, or else you wouldn't be arguing with your best friend about it." Scott breathed and looked at me.

I spoke slowly. "Ok, so maybe I think he's cute, what's the deal in that? What he's going to go through is going to be hell, and is my worst nightmare, my heart can't help go out to him. I did try to make friends with him, but your goddamn bitch came over and fucked it up."

"She's not the only one like that. Jack, if you're not careful, your going to be labeled just like him, your going to be discovered. Regular old Jack Collins seen defending and befriending a kid after the kid's found out to be gay? Doesn't look so good." The advice Scott gave sometimes was amazing, I thought the kid ought to be a psychologist sometimes. But then again, are psychologists supposed to give advice?

"What do I do now then? What if I do like him, how would I get to know him? We're not going to be in any of the same classes, and we hang out with different social groups, how the hell am I going to pursue this?" I already knew the answer, I was just pouting.

"I have no idea, man, no idea in the world." Scott let out a big breath and leaned against a brick pillar.

"Wait, " he said," except one." I looked over at him with wide eyes, he'd better not be screwing with my head.

"Well, what is it." I was nuts.

"Heh," he smiled, "oh, darn, I just forgot it, it was so perfect, and then it just slipped--" I grabbed his arm.

"Tell me now Scott." I smiled and bared my teeth.

"Ok, ok, Misty told me she was going to go to this party tonight, but she didn't want to stay long because what's his name?"

"Kyle." I said again.

"Jesus, yeah, Kyle, what was it, Renfield?"


"Rusnick. I think I knew his brother. Anyway, so she didn't want to stay because it was his group of friends and he was going to be there. It's at Nathan's house, Nathan..."


"How'd you know his name?" Scott looked at me with surprise.

"I had a brief crush on him junior year." I got a little red, brief wasn't the word, this kid kept me up three straight months until the semester class ended. I was over him now, but god that wasn't someone I was looking forward to seeing.

"Since I told Misty I wasn't going, she's not going to either. I kinda blew her off, and I think she knows it, but I don't care, I'm not much interested in her anyway. So we could go, maybe get a couple of the other guys, I know someone who's a junior next year and was good friends with Nathan. They'll be nuts over seniors coming, anyway. We can go and then I'll leave it up to you, I can only help you so far, I only know for sure one gay person around, and I don't think I can hook you up with em."

"Who?" I asked.

"You." He said.

"Oh." That made me feel incredibly alone. I know Scott didn't mean anything, but I realized how odd it was anyway. I was alone, I was different. There was nothing to change it, and I was going to be like this the rest of my life unless I did something about it. And I was going to do something about it.

"I don't care what others think, at least not enough to live a lie and be unhappy." I said.

"I think I understand. I mean, I don't understand what it's like, but if I couldn't date or anything I'd of said screw it and found someone and screw everyone else or I would've just ended it all and put a bullet in--" He stopped, realizing what he was saying.

"Where? Where would you have done it?" I was curious, I wasn't offended or anything.

"Nowhere. I wouldn't have, that was just a figure of speech." He looked away.

"I would have," was all I said.

"But not now. Things have changed now, right?" He looked back over.

"What's changed? What really has changed? I mean now you know and that's great, but I can't live through you, I can't live because you want me too, you give me strength and all, but not as much as..." I didn't know what to say. Scott did give me strength, but he wasn't around all the time, and I was still missing a part of my life that hurt.

"Well, then, we're just going to have to change that. Your going to the party tonight, and your going to at least become friends with this kid. I'll be there to help you out, but you gotta go for it, you keep talking about missing half your life, well, that half is within your reach, you just need a push. I can't force you to live or make you live through me, but I will push you. Now go get ready, party starts at eight and we'll get there about nine, you have till seven when I pick you up, in five hours. That should be enough time for even you to get ready." Scott laughed and I did, too. Like I said, he should be a damn psychologist or something. We parted and I went inside my house. I was so excited I tripped on the stairs running up them. I had five hours to prepare for perhaps the best night my love life had yet to see.

Chapter 4

Scott drove up around seven-fifteen, he was never too good with punctuality. I was ready and nervous as hell, I was extremely quiet when I got in the car. He casually looked over, and backed out of my drive-way.

"Little bit shaky?" Scott asked.

"Hell yeah." I was near shivering.

"You smell different, that cologne?"

"Uh, yeah, it's curve." I didn't usually wear scents, my dad was allergic to it, and so I didn't have a lot around.

"So, wanna go eat?"

"No, I'm not very hungry. You can, though. We picking up anyone else?" The streetlights whizzed by and bathed the dashboard orange as we drove downtown. The CD player was belting some R&B song I had never hear.

"Yeah, we're going to get Ryan. He's the only one I know who won't interfere with ya and not try to hang out around you or me all night, he'll wander off when we hit the party and I probably won't seem him till tomorrow or something."

"New CD?" I asked.

"Yeah, a group called 112."

"Cool, I like it." I eased up a bit, we weren't going to party for awhile and I had some time to chill out.

We got to Ryan's house and he came out. He had brown hair and eyes and a very muscular build. I has always admired his looks and body, but never felt anything for him. I had a problem with that, anyone I made friends with, unless I really liked them before, I couldn't picture myself with them or liking them in that way.

Ryan got in the car and we drove to Wendy's. I just got a coke, while Scott and Ryan both got value meals. I didn't want to get anything on my clothes, I was wearing good cargo khakis and a white tight fitting shirt. My hair was gelled and spiked upward, it was short anyway so it wasn't a big spike. My face had cleared since before, I was having a good night. We talked about different useless things while they ate. I was sort of distant, and Ryan noticed. He didn't ask too much though, he just figured I was in a mood. A cell phone rung and Scott answered it.

"Yeah?" He waited.

"Right, we'll be there in an hour or so, I've got some things to do." Pause, then "Really? Wow, I didn't know that. Yeah, Misty told me. No, I don't really care, I don't think anyone here does either. If they show up it's all gonna hit the fan." Scott looked over at me, and I immediately tensed up.

"Ok, ok, yeah I know, if I see them I'll tell them to stay away. No, me and Ryan could take them. Jack's here, too. Well, yeah, this town is like that. I don't think anything will happen, it's all just words. Right, see ya later, bye." He shut the phone off.

"What was that all about?" I asked, trying to hide my excitement.

"Those boys that always hang around Jamie and her ditz squad are threatening to crash the party if Kyle's there. I just talked to his friend, and he wants us to be there for most of the night, in case they try anything, since most of the people there have been Kyle's friend so long they're all willing to help him except for a few, but he wants us there because we're seniors and we'll have more of an influence in case those others come by drunk or even sober with a bad idea." Scott returned to eating his food.

"Those boys are all just sophomores themselves, or going to be juniors, they're not that big." Ryan said.

"But," said Scott, "if they get a large number they could pose a problem to the kids there, they're all just going to be sophomores or juniors themselves."

"Cool, I can hit on the young ones tonight, maybe I could get me some easy pussy." Ryan said, smirking. He was not the kind of guy a daughter's father would approve of, that's for sure. But I knew he was good at heart, he just made a lot of bad choices.

They finished and we got up and left. We drove around a while and ended up in a parking lot talking to some friends until around eight forty-five. We parted with them and started the drive to the party, held at Bain's house, and I was sweating. I couldn't talk, my throat was dry, I was incredibly nervous. What was I going to say? How could I approach him? Was I going to drink? What if he doesn't even notice me? I started my self-questioning again and had to stop myself before I wore myself thin. We got to the party, and right away Ryan got out and starting yelling at someone he knew.

"Ready to go, guy?" Scott looked back and smiled.

"Yeah, I guess. Nervous as hell, though."

"Of course, it's a given. But, it's better than sitting home and jerking to some picture on the net, right?" He laughed. I did, too, it loosened me up a bit. Thank god for this kid.

"Alright, we can't stay in here too long, people will wonder, hell, they're already probably ready to put things under the microscope anyway, with Kyle blowing their minds."

"Ok, let's go then." Scott opened the door on that last note, as did I. I noticed a group of girls stopped talking when we got up, a few staring directly at me. Damn, I must've looked good tonight. We walked over to the front porch and had lost Ryan already. I'd be surprised if he was even still at the party.

As we approached the door, Nathan Bain walked out. He was looking good as ever, but I didn't dwell on him tonight, I was out for bigger fish.

"Hey, what's up, glad you could come." Nathan said, stepping aside to let us in.

"Just stay out of my parents room, and if you drink please don't get wasted anywhere near the good furniture." Nathan scurried off in another direction and we heard something fall and clang loudly in the background.

There were some little spiked fruit juice bottles in a cooler, Scott picked up two, took one and gave me the other. I opened it and took a drink. It was pretty good, a cherry red taste with a slight burn that told you there was alcohol in it. Music was playing loudly and people were chatting all around. I didn't see Kyle anywhere. We went over to a group of senior girls we knew and talked to them for awhile, sitting on a brownish tan corner couch. The lighting was dim, faces were hard to see. Scott did most of the talking, I was looking around everywhere. One of the girls said something that caught my attention.

"So, anyone seen that gay kid yet? I knew him last year and he seemed nice enough. I can't believe Jamie is making such a big deal about it, she's a slut anyway, she'd usually just move on and go find some other willing guy to date and screw and dump." They all laughed and I joined in. I wondered though, was that all Kyle was going to be known as, as the "gay" kid? Didn't he have qualities and traits other than being gay? Of course, in high school every body is known by what makes them different, usually what's bad that makes them different. I suppose it was the same as them referring to Jamie as a slut, they were both true statements, but they didn't define a person.

I was still thinking when Scott nudged my arm and moved his eyes upward. I looked behind me and there he was, Kyle. He was walking in with around three or four girls, wearing blue jeans and a grey tucked in Tommy shirt. His smile gleamed and I was captivated. His hair was gelled and forward, it glinted slightly in the moon lighting coming from the windows. His eyes pierced my mind, they squinted when he smiled. Gleaming and watery, they made me sigh silently. I was totally into this kid and had only spoken a word or two to him. I quickly realized the microscope detail me and Scott had discussed earlier, and I turned back. Thing was, it didn't matter, everyone else was staring, too. Eventually they turned back to the normal gossip and I started wondering what to do next. I glanced back and he was gone. I almost panicked, and then looked back at Scott and told him I was going to go walk around. He nodded, obviously knowing what I was up to, and then smiled approval. I smiled back, and left him with the crowd of senior girls.

As I walked through the blur of people drinking, laughing, and swaying, I heard a song that instantly almost made me break out laughing or crying, I wasn't sure which. It was the new Live song "Dolphins Cry," the CD Kyle had purchased that day. It didn't seem like a big deal, I know, but any kind of sign or little blessing was a big thing for me that night.

I saw Kyle sitting over by the window, looking outside and sipping off of a glass that looked like it had some sort of wine drink in it. I was a clear bubbly beige color, and he was holding it in one hand and leaning his head on the other, sitting on the sill with his knee up. God he was cute. He was alone, I was sweating. I couldn't move all of a sudden, my legs refused to go any further, I was cramping up. I took a drink, grimaced as the gulp burned my throat and warmed my stomach. That gave me more courage, and I walked on. He was still alone, still staring. He looked so alone. The light near him was only from the moon, everyone else, even the light, seemed to be ignoring him. I think he was just going unnoticed, though, most people were already drunk or wrapped up in something that he just made a big impact when he walked in. I carefully reached within five feet of his beautiful form. The song was still playing.

"Hey, what's up?" I managed to sputter out. He looked up suddenly, eyebrows and eye's raising in surprise. His expression alone caused my heart to skip a beat.

"Oh, hey, how's it going." He returned to the window.

"Ok so far," I said, secretly commenting on both my night and my attempt at this kid, "don't look as good for you, though." I acted genuinely concerned, and in many ways I was.

"Well if you didn't hear from that Misty girl, I'm gay, so I wouldn't stay around too long or else you might be labeled too." He had a down tone.

"Ok, well, you look like you wanna talk, so instead of sitting here where everyone can label us let's go upstairs and you can unload. I'm good at listening." I couldn't believe what I was saying, but I was proud of myself at the same time, I was taking some initiative instead of hiding like I had my whole life.

Kyle looked at me oddly for a moment, and then simply said "Ok."

I grabbed a bottle of this Boones Farm stuff that was a little gone, but it looked good. I got another glass and we headed upstairs, as far as I know missing the eyes of most everyone at the party by going a back stair way. Upstairs there were a few couples sitting around necking, and Kyle looked around for somewhere to go. I pointed out a room, Bain's parents bedroom, and we went in. I didn't care about breaking his rule, we weren't going to get drunk and it had a lock. Why I thought this important is beyond me, at the time I didn't think anything was going to happen. But I'm getting beyond myself.

In the room, Kyle jumped on the bed, pulled up a pillow, propped it up on the headboard of the bed, and sat down. I did the same. It felt so weird being so close to him. I filled his glass up with the boones and then my own. I took a drink, it was smooth and really good. I looked over at Kyle and caught him looking at me. He turned away.

"So, what's on your mind?" I said, not really knowing where to start.

"What's going to happen at school, friends not friends anymore, Jamie, and Jake." He lowered his voice at the last one.

"Who's Jake?" My instant attention on this Jake person.

"Oh, he's the one I was caught with. I miss him, but not really as a boyfriend or anything, more just as someone like me, someone I could really know feels the same as I do. He lives too far away though and I know it's not gonna work out. I hope he finds someone else, hell, I hope I find someone else."

"So you guys were caught fu-- ... having sex?"

"No, we weren't. We didn't have sex, or fuck," he looked over and smiled, catching what I had almost said, "we were just kissing with like our shirts off. Then I got my ass kicked and well now I'm home."

"It's going around the other way, that you were both screwing on a bed."

"Typical," Kyle said, "Rumors, even true ones, always grow bigger than they are."

I took another drink.

"So," I said, "How was it like, kissing, I mean."

Kyle looked over at me with another strange look.

"I dunno, it was kissing, you know, it was better and more emotional than anything I'd ever had with a girl, but it was still kissing. Why do you ask?"

"Just wondered. So how long have you been gay?" Wrong question to ask I knew as soon as I said it.

"All my life, I didn't choose at a certain time to be this way, I --"

"Yeah, I know, I meant, when did you realize it? You don't know when your younger, at least I didn't-- or haven't heard of anyone younger being gay." I was red again, I was screwing up words that I half meant to say and the alcohol wasn't helping.

"Umm, I guess around 12." He paused. "When did you realize it?" Kyle looked over at me.

"What? I'm not-- I mean. Umm..." I looked away and took another drink. I closed my eyes and sighed. Why couldn't I tell this kid, what was it so screwed up that I just couldn't say anything-- I sat in silence and didn't look over. The uncomfortableness in that air was immense. I took another drink and leaned my head on the board.

"I'm-- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to accuse you, it just sounded kinda funny, and I thought maybe you were... I'm sorry. I hope your not freaked out or anything, last thing I need right now is another enemy." He was choking up.

"I'm not your enemy, man. It's ok. I'm not offended, or anything, I could have very well been, I mean, it probably looks a certain way, me bringing you up here and.. I dunno." Kyle looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, how could I help it?

"So, you ever experienced love?" Kyle surprised me and asked this question.

"Um, no, I haven't. Never really had the chance."

"Date much?"

"No," I said, "not really. I'm different than most guys, just aren't into girls the same way they are." I was treading uneasy ground, the tip of my tongue ready to tell a perfect stranger my darkest secret. But somehow, Kyle wasn't so much a stranger, I felt like I had known him all my life in the background, and was just now getting to know him. Like he had been around forever.

"I'm different, too. " There was a long pause and I took another drink. Kyle's comment hung in the air, it kinda lingered on my previous one, almost complementing it.

"So anyway, why did you bring me up here?" He asked, smirking in mock question.

"I can relate to your situation a little, and you looked like you needed someone. I'm a nice guy, you know." I smiled and looked at him, he was so good looking. I almost got lost in his face alone.

"You're not afraid I might hit on you or get drunk and try to do something? You don't even seem uncomfortable, you're sitting with a homo, what's up with that? You only seem nervous."

"Uh, I don't know really, I'm not afraid, definitely not afraid. Nervous? Kinda, you're new to me." I took a last drink and headed for the bottle.

When I bent forward for the bottle on the floor Kyle took his leg and shoved me off the bed. He laughed hysterically and I jumped back on the bed and went over to get at him. He moved up and we wrestled on the bed. We were both a little drunk, and I put him in a head lock and dragged him down on me. I could smell his hair, his warm body on me gave me a new sensation. Being so close to him suddenly I realized I had an instant love for this kid. Infatuation, maybe, physical obsession, perhaps. Love? Hopefully. I laughed as he struggled to get up.

"Let go! I have to vomit!" He had a serious tone of voice, I gained a sudden serious concern and let him go, my face draining of happiness.

"Just kidding!" Kyle smiled and jumped back on me, landing sitting on my lap, legs spread and his crotch near my stomach. My legs spread and he slumped sitting between them, our legs interlocked. He was frantically pushing my arms away from trying to strangle him, jokingly, of course. We slowed down and rested. He leaned back, still sitting with me, and I leaned against the backboard of the bed. He was enticing the way he laid back, just a sliver of his stomach showed where his shirt had come untucked and stretched up. I could see a little white of his underwear and I stared. He caught me and pulled his shirt up more.

"Like what you see?" He laughed and said sarcastically.

"Oh yeah! Show some more, baby!" I was laughing now, too, we were both probably slap happy from the alcohol, this was the funniest thing in the world. Kyle sat up and took his whole shirt off.

I sat stunned. It showed, too, because Kyle suddenly looked very embarrassed. There was nothing wrong or anything, in fact, he had a very good build and while not being all muscles, he wasn't by any means scrawny, either. Kyle took me being stunned the wrong way, however.

"Ah, um, I'm sorry, I guess I probably shouldn't have done that, with the whole thing I got going on. Sorry." Kyle said this as he was reaching for his shirt.

"No, it's cool, I don't care. Really. You actually don't look that... bad." I said this very low and looked at him on the last word, bad. He stared and stopped reaching. His mouth gaped slightly open, and his eyes watered. Then his lower lip trembled and he looked away and closed his eyes.

"I hate this, I hate being this way, I just want to be normal, or find someone like me that's normal. It's like a part of my life's missing, and I can't fix it, it's so... desolate." He talked in whispers, but didn't break down like I expected, he just stared, as if he had already accepted this fate. I looked upward and sighed. It was time.

"I couldn't have said it better myself." I said this while pulling him near me. I tucked his head on my shoulder and he embraced me. He felt soft and gentle, yet I could feel the developing muscle underneath, a man yet still a boy. Kyle started to sniffle, pulled back and said:

"What are you talking about, why are you doing this?" He looked hopefully into my eyes.

"Because we're one of a kind, kid, I'm like you, I'm missing that part of my life you are and I've missed it longer than you have. I know how it hurts, and I know why. Because I'm gay. Like you, and I brought you up here because I... I.... I've never met anyone like me, and I... I really want to say this to you, but I... I'm scared, I'm too--". Kyle cut me off.

"Jack, do you... like me?" He was rubbing my shoulders now, and I leaned my head against the backboard and shut my eyes.

"Yeah, that's it, that's it." I looked back at him again, and he was staring intently at me.

"Well, that's cool, cuz' I've liked you from the moment in the CD store. Cool." He leaned closer, and wrapped his arms around my neck.

I put my arms around his back and leaned into him. My nose was practically touching his. His eyes were so beautiful, blue and glassed over, opening up to inside his very thoughts. He turned his head sideways slightly, and I knew what he meant. I leaned forward and--

We kissed. Soft, tender, lips meeting in desperation and apprehension. The kiss lingered for a moment, just two pairs of lips touching together, then pressing, and finally opening. The kiss turned passionate, my tongue for the first time ever entering another's mouth. I was alive then, maybe for the first time in my life, truly alive. I felt everything, noticed every little movement, every little change in air or breathe, everything. This wasn't just kissing to me, and it didn't seem so to Kyle, either. My arm moved around him, his back and shoulders, his side and the hair on the back of his head. We hugged tighter and kissed harder. He moaned softly. I took his head in my hand and rocked forward, laying him on the bed, my knees on the bed, me on top of him. We never broke the kiss, just kept on, my hands moved over his chest and stomach, we were really getting into it.

Eventually we stopped, both under the covers and in nothing but undershorts. Kyle had fallen asleep and I just laid there looking at him. We were both probably drunk, but hadn't done anything but kiss, really, and sometime I had managed to lock the door. I fell asleep eventually, too.

I awoke around two-thirty, there were headlights pulling up and a horn honking loudly. I got up and went over the window. I parted the blinds and saw a large truck with a bunch of kids on the back of it pull into the driveway. I didn't know exactly who it was, but it didn't look good. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. I panicked, shook up Kyle, got on my pants and shirt and asked who it was.

"It's Scott, man, you in there, I've been looking forever for you, open the door!"

"You alone, anyone else out there?" I asked through the door.

"No, mostly everybody's gone, there's no one up here but me, the people who stayed over are downstairs."

I opened the door and let Scott in, then closed it after him. He looked at me, my hair was ruffled no doubt, and then to Kyle, who was still trying to put on his pants. He got a puzzled look on his face when he saw Scott, but I said:

"Kyle, meet Scott, the only friend who knows I'm gay. And my best friend, to boot." I looked back over at Scott and said: "Scott, this is Kyle, the kid I hooked up with tonight."

Scott smiled and laughed a little at this, as did Kyle. He finished putting on his clothes when Scott started talking.

"That truck outside, it's full of those damn kids that Bain talked about earlier. They're coming, no doubt they're looking for Kyle. Bain said something about not seeing Kyle all night, thinking he had left. I knew better and came looking for you guys, we gotta get Kyle outta here before those kids find him. It wouldn't look to good for you, either, Jack. Make up the bed, clean up everything, and let's get us all away from here. If we sneak out I could hide Kyle in the back and we could just say we were leaving."

Kyle was staring at the ground in disbelief. He looked uneasy, and I wanted to comfort him, and at the same time go out and face all of those hillbillies. Instead, however, I looked for a quick way out, I knew we'd need a way to leave without being noticed. This night was potentially becoming a nightmare, when before it was everything I had ever wanted in my wildest dreams.

Chapter 5

We left the room, and went down the back stairway towards the kitchen. I could hear the kids in the living room talking to Nathan Bain.

"Where is he, where's the faggot." Some voice, obviously an angry guy's.

"I don't know, he must've left, I haven't seen him for like t-two hours." Nathan talked in a high pitch.

"The people he came with are here, he couldn't have left. If your lying we're gonna kick your ass too, mother--"

I stopped listening. I didn't want to hear any more. We came to the back door, Mike's car was around the front of the house and across the street.

"We can't just leave, they'll come out to the car, we've got to make an appearance in the house again." Scott said, stopping inside the door frame as me and Kyle were walking.

"How are we gonna get Kyle past them?" I asked.

"Umm, here, Kyle, take my keys, sneak over to my car, and get in the back. Lock it and only open it for us. Lay down, we'll be out soon." Scott threw Kyle the keys.

"Is that safe?" I looked over at Kyle with concern.

"Probably not, but I can't see any other way. We'll watch from the windows as best we can, but I can't very well have you go out there too, too suspicious." Scott motioned for me to come back inside and Kyle started off in the other direction.

"Be careful, if anyone sees you, run and start screaming, we'll hear and come out." Kyle looked back at me, and smiled.

I went back inside the house and Scott and I entered the living room. The hillbillies were still hassling Nathan.

"Hey, who are you?" One of them asked as we entered.

"I'm Scott, this is Jack. We're seniors. I know a couple of you. What are all you doing here?" Scott kept an even laid back tone.

"Who we are doesn't matter, we just wanna find the faggot. Any of you seen him?" Another one, bigger than the other and probably the leader, spoke up.

"Nope, once earlier, but nothing else. I think he left." Said Scott.

"Nope," was all I said, but it came out kinda cracked.

"I believe you," the leader said, pointing at Scott, "but I don't think I believe you, what's your name again?"

"Fuck you, that's my name. I don't have to answer to you or anyone else. I didn't see him, that's it. Don't interrogate me." I looked over at Nathan and said:

"We're leaving, great party, at least till now." Scott and I started forward.

"See you guys later." Said Nathan.

"Wait a minute, asshole." The leader stopped us by putting his hand on Scott's shoulder.

"Get the hell outta my way." Scott said, pushing his hand off and facing the leader. It wasn't smart to piss off Scott, he wasn't one to back down.

"Don't get lippy with me, bitch. There are five of us here, and only you two. If we wanna stop you to look for a fag, we will, got it?" It was clear that they didn't think they were gonna find him, and now they just wanted a fight. This was good and bad.

"Make that three against five." Ryan said, coming out of another room. He was wearing a muscle shirt, and must've looked intimidating to the smaller fifteen and sixteen year olds. A few backed up.

Scott pushed the leader, throwing him down to the floor. The push was hard and fast, and surprised everyone. Nathan jumped.

"I told you to get out of my way. You all know we could take you easily, so leave with us and then go home, your not beating a little guy down tonight, stupid pussies," Scott said.

Everyone stepped back from the door, Scott, Ryan and I stepped through. One of them gave me a mean look, so I grabbed them by the collar and shoved them into a wall. His face lit up in horror, I got up in his face and said:

"So, you hate fags, eh? That's fine and all, you can hate whomever or whatever, but give me another shitty look and I'm gonna bash your head in. Get a life." I released him and walked out with Scott and Ryan. I looked back and saw Nathan mouth a "thank you."

We walked out to the car and when we approached, it unlocked. Ryan freaked out and Scott told him to shut the hell up. He looked in the back and started smiling.

"You guys got the damn underground rail-road going on tonight. I got shot gun." He went around to the other side of the car.

I got in back with Kyle, and he kept his head down near my knee, he was all curled up on the seat, looking somewhat uncomfortable. Scott sat in the car and looked back at the house.

"There, they're leaving. We just averted disaster, boys, and screwed with some underclassmen, It's been a good night. No offense to you of course, Kyle." Scott started up the car and we drove down the street.

"Oh yeah, and I got laid. It's been an awesome night." Said Ryan.

I thought-- yeah, I almost was too, I also found a first love, first kiss, first real person to feel like I feel. All in all, it's been a really great night.

We drove the strip once, Kyle putting on a hat and slouching down, but at least sitting regular again.

"So," I asked, "where exactly were you planning on staying for the night?"

"I don't know, I can't go home at this hour, and I don't think it's too smart to go back to the party house where my friends are, heh, I really don't know." Kyle looked out the window.

"You can stay at my house, then." I said.

Kyle looked over at me and smiled mischievously. I smiled back, and I looked back up and Scott was smiling, too. I didn't know how I was going to explain my new friend staying over to my parents, but oh well.

Ryan looked back, "So, you're the fag, right? Hey, that's cool, I don't care, one less guy I have to worry about stealing my women. Looks like you might be good competition, too."

Kyle laughed. A Sheryl Crow song started playing on the radio that I liked. I leaned my head back and listened, shutting my eyes. It was all happening so fast, but I wasn't scared at all. I felt like I was opening a new door, or gate, maybe, to that fence I hadn't been able to cross before, and Kyle was waiting on the other side, welcoming me. I hoped this would last forever, that I would be a permanent resident of the other side of the fence. I never wanted to go back, never wanted to be shut off again. The mud and filth was no longer, now it was shine, a new car shine or a polish, my sexuality complemented me. It was who I was, and I knew I couldn't be filth, how could Kyle, so smart and loving, ever want anything to do with filth? I had him, now, I had Kyle, that missing part of my life, and I was going to make sure that I filled the gap in his life.

End of Part 2

Well, hope you enjoyed that, there will be a conclusion to this story, part 3, coming next month. It'll pick up from this night, then feature the next few days and possibly the first day back at school. Please email me if you liked or didn't like this story, I wanna hear it! My email is neonet@ctlnet.com ... well, till next month, c-ya! Oh yeah, I put in another poem.

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