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Here I am sitting here trying to not write my Global essay that is due tomorrow, because I really don't care about the French Revolution, or Apartheid right now. So I'm writing a journal entry.

This weekend was okay, I mean I had an extra day off, so it couldn't be too bad.
The worst part was the huge argument I got into with my grandmother about gay rights, and gay marriage. It was bad, and makes me feel so much better about telling my family, but I got over it quickly. Just told myself to brush it off, I guess.

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The Bonfire was really fun:). Spring Break was me mostly talking to a friend:) while doing some hwk and chores too. Last week's school was good,I finished my project 2 ,had a good crit and I got my Exam 3 and I got a C+:). Did I tell you guys I got a 75% on my Redo?

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Multicultural Education

I'm currently enrolled in a class called "foundations of education" which essentially is what it sounds like, a class on the history of teaching. As you may guess a class on the history of teaching isn't the most interesting class and due to this I was prone to skipping class to spend time with James (Time definitely well spent).

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Religion Rambles.

I've noticed that, on this site and in the gay community in general, people are, in general, incredibly, seriously against religion.

But, as much as I hate to say it, I don't think it will ever fade.

And when I think about something to hard, I tend to write about it.
And that's what I did.
Feel free to write as many angry comments as you want.


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School's "Unwritten" Code of Conduct

So the provintial ELA exam's topic this semester was "Codes". When I first saw it I nearly burst out laughing thinking "WTF!?" cuz' I can tell you write now that half the people in the room automatically snapped and said, "Da Vinci Code!"

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My favorite Place

OMG. i sooooooo forgot about this lol. 'cause for photography class i was supposed to send this to my teacher and i just wrote it now...and i HOPE i HOPE SOOOOOO BAD that she likes it and changes my grade. i didn't finish my pictures and we were supposed to write an essay too, but i got lazy so now i'm getting an i hope that this essay changes her mind. what do you think?;

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How to bring your boy up straight

Friends of my parents had a baby. It's a boy. When the mom was carrying him and holding him in front of her chest, he grabbed her breast. His dad, a very charming and sociable person, - everybody loves him and wants to be his friend - had to do some straight bonding by making a joke about that. In his amiable and disarming way, he laughed and said: "Haha, he is already very good at that!" Yes, his little 5-months-old son will later be a heterosexual casanova, of course! What other thought could have entered the proud dad's mind?

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Debate for school

The gay rights movement is not only necessary, but is vital to the preservation of American morality, as we know it. I'm sure all of you have heard a lot about gay rights lately. At the top of the priority list is gay marriage. Today I will speak to you about why same-sex marriage needs to be legalized, gay marriage compared to straight marriage, gay couples with children and traditional arguments of anti-gay activists.

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Finding Meaning In College...Without Going Crazy

As a 20-year old young woman, I am somehow supposed to retain idealism through constant reminders of how crappy things are by my professors. It's especially rough when your Economics class follows your sociology class, and you wonder who'e telling you the truth: Is it the Market, or greedy fat-cats making billions who just don't care and have turned their backs on the minorities of the world, proliferating injustice, and a heterosexist patriarchical society?

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Escapism, n. Habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine.
-Merriam-Webster's Dictionary

This afternoon, I saw a presumably homeless man panhandling by the side of the road. Upon being given a dollar, he immediately raised his head toward the clouds and cried out, 'A blessing from the Lord! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, God!'

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Re-Claiming Dork

I wrote this for an assignment at school:

Re-Claiming Dork

I am a member of a long-suffering minority. I have known it all my life, but for years I was too ashamed to acknowledge it. I feared that if I revealed this aspect of myself to the world I would be ridiculed by my peers. However, I am finally ready to come out and say… I am a dork! (I bet you didn’t see that one coming). Yes, I admit it. I love to dance the polka. I have spent hours programming specialized sequences into my ‘Age of Empires’ computer game, and have spent slightly less time programming my graphing calculator to display the opening lines from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. I am obsessed with Monty Python, and have of my own volition memorized the scripts for many of my favorite scenes. The only periodicals I read on a regular basis are ‘Discovery’ and ‘Wired’ magazines. However, this is enough said about myself.

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Argumentation Paper for Class

I had to write an argumenative paper for my college writing class and I just wanted to share it with everyone. Here it is! Tell me what you think.

“Why We Should Allow Gay and Lesbian Couples Adopt Children

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I Am Your Surprise or The Secret You Wish to Keep

This is an essay I wrote up a few days ago. It's just a subject that's been burning inside me and I had to get it out on paper....

* * *

Today the wings I grew were dampened by my tears. The light I wished to hold up to the world was quenched by my own fear. Why must my misgivings haunt me when the strength of millions cries out within me?

I am the lesbian you fear. Be thankful that you have made me fear myself.

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Online Relationships: Not safe and Unstable

Okay, a few people on oasis have been dating. I thought this issue needed to be brought up. I was going out with someone on here. I understand that you want to go out with someone and feel loved by someone. Online relationships are not the right thing. They have made me hurt and I am just look out for all of you.

The first harm area of online dating is an unconfirmed identity. First of all you could be dating a total freak or pervert. It is not sensible to start a relationship without knowing this person in real life. At least talk on the phone a bit send plenty of pictures etc. TRUTH: People online are not like themselves in real life. That love letter that you see on the screen can not be expressed to your face. They could be lieing right in front of your face, although you have no idea because you can't see them or hear them. Someone online that you might think is a badass, arrogant, rebel could be the exact opposite person you are looking for.

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Sylvia Beach

Anyone heard of her. She was a bookstore own in
1887-1962 but she has a wonderful life story that
just inspired me. I had to pick someone to write
about in French and she was the one I picked.

Born Nancy Woodbridge Beach to a Presbyterian Minister
in Bridgeton New Jersey, Nancy changed her name
as a teenager. She moved to Paris after fleeing
Princeton. She helped the Red Cross in WWI in Serbia.

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Letters to Liberals2

These are my responses to comments concerning my column, “Commies, Mommies, and Surrender Monkeys.

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Commies, Mommies, and Surrender Monkeys

-Commies, Mommies, and Surrender Monkeys-
September 11, 2005

“George Bush and his neo-conservatives killed my son.

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Letter 2 a Liberal

BEFORE READING THESE PLEASE SEE MY COLUMN, “THERE’S NO RED IN MY PINK -rantings of a (not so) self-loathing queer-

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-rantings of a (not so) self loathing queer-

Upon hearing of conservative gay columnist, Arthur J. Finkelstein’s formation of a commitee to oppose his wife’s 2008 bid for president, impeached former president Bill Clinton patronizingly said that Finkelstein may “have some feelings of self-loathing.

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Suffering in silence

A teenaged boy shoves Casey into a wall outside of there high school.

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